Monday, November 28, 2016

Look what followed us home.

 Introducing Peaches (on the left)
and Betty (on the right).
They were born this past March
at Fruitcake Farm in Grafton, NH.
Candace is our only surviving 'original'
from Fruitcake Farm. 
We are happy to have 2 more of their
sheep. And happy to help another former
shepherd with re-homing their lambs.

 They will be in quarantine until Wednesday morning
just to get them used to us, and the the sheep on the 
other side of the gate. Once the sheep on the right side
of the barn go back up the hill to the neighbors
(after breeding), and the other two rams go back in
with the Horned Dorset (their date for next year),
they will go into the lamb pen with the other four
lambs from this year, as well as the llama and alpaca.

 Jeremy. Our Dorset/Romney ram.
He just came home from breeding in
New London this Saturday.
Below is his dad, Stormy.

 Looking into the ram pen with Shea (Icelandic), 
Arty (Icelandic/Romney), and Christopher.
 Some of the ewes trying to figure out what is going on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We are blessed!

 We went to Whitefield, NH today to do one of
our last shearing jobs for the year.
Here you can see some of the 5 Romney ewes
looking out of their barn watching me, and
watching Daisy the dog. 

 As you can see, they still have snow on the 
ground. It was all of 30 degrees at 8:30 am.

 What do you mean you want to shear me?
 Peek a boo! I see you.

 Their after shearing shot.

 Cannon Mountain has quite a bit on snow.

 Started this hat about an hour into our trip north.
Finished in just before we got home.
Our newest bulky yarn made from Romney wool.
That is what 4 out of 5 of the sheep we sheared today are.

 We went one exit further south going home today
to pick up two 8 gates I found on Craigslist.
Not only did I get 2 gates in great shape for $50,
they are 10', not 8' The guy says, so you get 
2' for free. Enjoy! What a blessing!!
These gates go for more than $100 each new.
 It is a good thing I've got a big van. 
And that there was a bungee cord still in the van.

 Jeremy peaking around the corner.
Christopher is out in the woods hunting acorns.
 A llama and alpaca in the front yard 
with the lambs and wethers.
 I LOVE my camera. I zoomed in, not the full 40X, 
to get the ewes out in the back pasture.

 Zooming out to see both.
 And, zooming out completely.
Miss Mary is still a tiny lamb.
She is at least 8 weeks younger than the rest.
She will be 6 months old come Election Day.

Enjoy what is left of your fall before winter hits your part of the world.
Or summer, depending on where you are. ;)

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