Monday, May 25, 2015

I usually comb my locks, and spin them, in the grease

but, will give this blog writer's information a go for washing the locks.

After my surgery June 2nd I will have time for doing things that do not require any heavy lifting or standing long periods. I am hoping to get in some spinning and quilting time during my recovery!

Or, I could follow the instructions or her blog and

make my own combs and hackles....

Processing Icelandic sheep wool

I have not separated the tog from the thel before in processing an Icelandic fleece, but I think I will give it a go. I am also going to start saving my pennies to buy a hackle. I have been enjoying reading this blog and all her great blending ideas.

Check this out!

And, here is the hackle in action.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family time on the farm

Saturday after my brother-in-law's mother's funeral we were decended upon by family. The following are pictures from my brother-in-law's camera. It is nice that the kids like the farm and the animals.

NH Sheep & Wool 2015

I did not get any pictures this year (except a couple of the booth which I will try to get on here). I did not go far from our booth as I was, and still am, a hurting unit. I have a femoral hernia that will be repaired June 2nd. In the meantime my hip decided to give me grief as well....

Saturday was a very profitable day. Selling sheep, goat, llama and alpaca fleeces by the pound paid off greatly. I hope all who purchased for us this year, and like what they purchased, will let their friends know. And, if they are not happy that they will let me know directly!!

Sunday was incredibly HOT!!! And, attendance was way down. I don't blame people for not coming out. I don't think I'd want to buy wool in the extreme heat.

I hope to get some fleeces listed on the blog(s) soon. Just not today. Leg/hip is hurting worse than it had been, so I am not going far from the couch and the computer. Will let y'all know via Face Book & this blog when I do so.


Another blog worth following for spinners and knitters

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

NH Sheep & Wool Festival 2015

We will be in our regular spot in Deerfield, NH. Although someone tried to steal our spot. They claim it was promised to them last year... You only move into another's spot if they leave, or change spots themselves. 15+ years of vending at NH, and me learning to say NO, and calling the festival president kept us in our spot.

We will be there tomorrow afternoon setting up. New this year will be BIG bags of fleece sold by the pound instead of by the fleece, and dyed fleece sold by the ounce. We realize not everyone wants to commit to 5# of a fleece they've never tried before. This way you can buy a few ounces and if you like it, come back for more. We will have (at least) Horned Dorset, Romney in at least 2 colors, Dorset/Romney cross in at least 2 colors, Icelandic in a few colors, Mohair, Llama, and maybe some alpaca.

See you Saturday and/or Sunday!!

A few sheep pics

 Horned Dorset lambs

 Shearing one of the Jacob sheep

And for the rest of the pictures that I could not get off the tablet. They are stored at OneDrive.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My boss did not seem to believe me when I told him that I could not get to work because the truck was stuck in the driveway.

For some reason this year, I am NOT doing well driving in the snow.
I got ALMOST  to the top, within 6-10' and hit ice on the passenger side.
I tried to back down, in the semi-dark mind you at 6:30 in the morning,
and backed in the snow bank. And, BURIED IT...
All of these pictures are AFTER I took the tractor up and dug it out the 
best I could, plus pushing back the snow banks each time I took a bucket
load down to the bottom of the driveway.
I pulled with the tractor. It was not coming out.
I picked up the back end and tried to lift it out.
That was not happening either.
I had to work on digging the snow out from under the truck,
without hurting my back, in order to finally get it out at 2 pm!!

The snow is simply packed in too tight to get it to move anywhere!

Other than disconnecting one of the mufflers from its hanger,
I did not hurt my husband's truck.
Not like I did my van on Saturday....
I know my boss at the Post Office is not happy with me,
AND, that he did not believe me...
But, here you go Chuck.
I was stuck and not going anywhere.

Another day after ANOTHER snow storm

Up the driveway where the truck HAD been stuck...

Looking down the driveway
The chickens all snug in their 'greenhouse'.
At least that is what we originally built it for.
Then, I got more chickens and they no longer fit in their original house...

The dog kennel for the chickens.
It has since been shoveled out more to encourage them to come out.
Yes, that is an OLD blanket. I did not want to plastic them in, and this keeps the wind,
and any birds (owls, sparrows, etc.) that don't belong, out.
We do have a few brave souls. These are a few of the youngest girls at 2 years old.
Inside the barn with some of the boys. 
Front and center is Cloud.
He is an OLD Romney wether.
Bummer. Horned Dorset ram.
We lost his mother within 48 hours of his birth to a massive
vaginal prolapse. Another mother took him on as her own with
her other (1) lamb. When he moved into general population,
he 'bummed' from other mothers that had lots of milk.
So far, he is a very gentle soul. Just like his father.
That is an extremely good thing with rams. 
Especially those with horns!!!
To the far right is Trouble. Another Romney wether. 1 year old.
I know! I have cobwebs in my barn!
This is Nea, the llama with NO guard hair,
and Noggen, the alpaca.
They belong to my friend Shari Mead.
She is in Florida staying warm. 
They are here hanging out with my girls.
It is a win-win for all!!

You can see by the Jeep parked in front of the house how much snow we've gotten.
The sheep in the back with the colored face belongs to our neighbor
Pebbles. She came down the hill to be bred to Stormy Weather.
Since she is a single sheep on the farm, she will stay until Pebbles
can't stand to be without her. Hopefully when she goes home she
will take another sheep with her!

Noggen is like, 'Take my picture!! Not theirs!'

Stormy Weather

Happy birthday Maggie!! (Far right)
She was born in February of 1999.
She is still going strong!!

Work on the barn that need to be finished before we put the house
on the market. I also plan to paint it barn red with white trim.

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