Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Of stash and baby watch

Someone asked on one of the FB lists to show off
their stash. Well, I will show you a little.
 13 fleeces from this year's shearing.
Waiting for more than one day of good
weather so they can be reskirted, bagged and tagged.
 Waiting on Dani to give birth.
She is the only visible one left to go.

 Chip. A SMALL yearling Horned Dorset ram.

 2 of coated fleeces waiting to be sheared.
I don't know if the VERY old man will be sheared.

 Next year's stash growing on the hoof.

 Some of my bedroom stash.
Fleeces I have on the blog as I do not yet
have the shoulder to spin. New fleeces will
be sheared this spring from the same sheep.

Some of my sale rovngs, and baskets of
our own Wool n' Ewe yarn.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Taking a break from fleeces

We were in the mid 60's here March 1st.
Mud season has started, and is made worse 
by the tractor. But, it is only bad at the bottom 
of the driveway. People can still park at the barn
and walk across to the front door of the house.

 Hubby cut a red oak that was so big the 
Mahindra could not pull the whole thing up 
the embankment. He ended up cutting it in half.

 We will have firewood for quite some time.
He has another couple of big trees in this area
to cut, as well as all the small ones. This is part
of the pig yard. We hope to get grass growing 
in that acre section this summer and get the sheep out there.

 Thank God, and Jean Helie, for the wood splitter.
I got a note from my lazy mail carrier informing us that
she will not deliver any packages to us until the mud is gone.
SERIOUSLY?!?! Don't be pissing off the former rural route
mail carrier! As posted above, she has no reason to come all 
the way down the driveway. She needs to park at the barn and
leave packages at the front door. I found a package late last night,
just before the storm, that was on the ground between the generator
and the house. At the basement door. Come on lady! You've been told
to bring packages to the front door! I don't understand how she gets
away with not doing her job...
Today's pouring rain is not helping the mud situation at the bottom
of the driveway, but the barn driveway is fine. Just plain ticked!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shearing at home

Carl. Dorset/Romney
Black is so hard to photograph...


 Jeremy wondering if he is getting sheared.
Not until next month buddy.
 The one and two year old ewes.
We are separating them at night so they
might get a little extra feed, and so the 
mothers might find their lambs a little easier.
They are all together during the day outside.

 You can't see it, but it was snowing like crazy.

 Carl sheared

 Lambs in their creep.
This is an area that they can get under the heat
lamp if it is cold, and eat grain whenever they want.
The mothers can not get in here.
Yes. The winter pack is high enough that 
the lambs can look right out the barn window...
The barn will be cleaned when the weather
warms up for at least a week.

 Outside of the creep.

 12 sheep needed to be sheared as of this morning.
 The gray one looking at us is Magic.
She is a purbred Romney that will be for 
sale to a pet farm when her lamb is weaned.
She has great fiber, but is a lousy mother.

 Looking between Jerry as he helps ease a lamb
out of its mother. Rita is a yearling Dorset/Romney
that got pregnant one of the two time Jeremy found
a hole in the fence, or went over the fence. 
Mom and baby are doing fine.

 I love our Dorset and Dorset/Romney sheep.
 The boys.
 Kelly's little boy.

 Magic looks tiny when she is sheared.

Horned Dorset

And now it is sleeting heavily.
I am glad we don't have to go anywhere today.

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