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Chickens. Parasites and such.

Internal parasitic diseases.

Copied from the above website.
Control of External Parasites
There are many insecticides available to help control external poultry parasites. The most effective broad spectrum insecticide is permethrin. Permethrin has a significant residual activity, thus making it ideal for treating facilities and equipment. At reduced concentrations it can be applied to the bird. Follow all manufacturers recommendations when using all insecticides.[]=Poultry&button=search&utf8=%E2%9C%93

This sounds like something I should have on the farm for everything, including the chickens!!!

Contains 10% Permethrin to kill flies, lice, mites, ticks (including ticks that carry Lyme disease), fleas, spiders, mosquitoes and cockroaches on horses, beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, dogs and their premises.
Apply as a spray, dip or on a back-rubber. Offers a 30 day residual effect. Easily mixes with water or mineral oil. 5-day slaughter withdrawal for swine.
Premise spray:
8 oz makes 6.25 gallons
1 qt makes 25 gals.
Animal use:
8 oz makes 3 gallons
2.5 oz (5 tablespoons) in 1 gallon
20 mL (4 teaspoons) in 1 qt. water
Do not use on puppies under 3 months.
If you care to give your chickens injections...There are a number of them here, and the reasons for using them.

I use this company a LOT!!

More about parasites. Plus, at the bottom of the page is a whole lot of other information about chickens.
I LOVE the Chicken Chick!! This is one, of a number, of people to follow on Face Book for chicken information, stories and humor!

Since she has done LOTS & LOTS of research on chickens, I will leave you here with her page.

Intestinal Parasites in Backyard Chicken Flocks 
Our birds free range as much as possible, so this is not going to happen. I agree with most of what the article has to say. It is great article, if the chickens are confined....
Keep birds off freshly plowed ground where ingestion of earthworms and other insects is more likely.
Use insecticides to control insect populations.

 Chicken illness and treatments

And, the joys of keeping chickens can be found at the Chicken Chick and here at Urban Chickens.

And, finally. A great book for all chicken keepers to own. (Personally, we have a number of different books here on the farm for each type of livestock that we raise.)

Plus, this is my first go to place for any sick animal!
And, of course, they have a Face Book page.

An update for backyard chicken owners about medications and eggs. Good to know. A must read. Any animal that needs medication, for any reason is separated from their flock/herd and medicated alone. Any eggs that chicken might produce would go right into the manure pile and covered up.

That was possibly an overload of information for some of you. But, for chicken keepers, I hope you appreciate all the hard work these folks have done in order for people like me to share with you.

I am out of here!


Sheep & goat vaccinations, worming and diseases

(I know I owe pictures, but I've not taken the time yet to download them. They are all on Google though. I just need to figure out how to link my blog to Google...)

I was asked today about sheep & goat vaccinations and worming, so I did a little Google searching. It is always good to know that we give the right product to our animals, as well as to others animals.

I apologize in advance for only using the links in this post. There is a LOT of information in each of these sites that anyone raising sheep or goats for ANY reason should know.


This website has LOTS of information.

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about parasites and then some.

The whole website is always worth checking out, and rechecking!! Even for those of us who've had sheep for 20+ years.

And, this is where we (personally) buy all our supplies.

An informative Face Book page.


I don't like the name of this website, but it does tell a lot about the vaccinations goats need, and why.

About CDT

More worm information for both sheep and goats.

And where we get our goat supplies.

We use this in the spring. Cydectin.

And, we use this in the fall. Valbezen.

Both Cydectin and Valbezen can be used on goats. As well as Safeguard.

If we have to worm sheep only in between these 2 wormers.we use Ivomectrin in various forms.

Also for sheep only.

 A lot more information about deworming and the kinds of worms.


 One thing that every goat and sheep producer, whether one animal or hundreds, should know!!

Sheep and Goat Diseases Outlined From A to Z

And preventions, outlined.

I will be following Agri-View on Face Book as well.

Now that you've been overwhelmed....I am heading onto chickens. Then, llamas and alpacas. And, maybe even pigs. I might wait on cow/cattle info until we actually are in a place to get some. And, then again...


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Schedule for our fall shows

 26th annual VT Sheep & Wool Festival

Oct 4 & 5, 2014

Tunbridge Fairgrounds
1 Fairground Lane
Tunbridge, VT 05077

Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm
Rain or Shine!

Adults: $6, Seniors: $5
Children under 12: $1
2-day discount available

New Hampshire's 31st Annual Wool Arts Tour
Columbus Day Weekend, Oct. 11th & 12th
Saturday 9 - 5 & Sunday 9 - 4

We will be here- SpinnerFarm
192 Old County Rd
Deering, NH 03244
Phone: 603-464-0232

6th annual Green Mountain Fiber Festival

November 15-16, 2014

Wilder Center
2089 Hartford Ave.
Wilder, Vermont

And, finally on December 6, 2014 from 9 am to 3 pm, we will be in New London, NH for the Wilmot Community Association's Holiday Craft Fair.
New London Outing Club’s Indoor Center, 114 Cougar Court, New London, NH 03257

I love copy and paste!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Saturday, August 02, 2014


I have been MIA here on the blog. Face Book is easier when all I have to do is click share.

Life, and work, have finally slowed down for us. We still have a ewe lamb and a ram lamb that would love to go to another farm as a breeding, or pet, pair. She is 1/2 Jacob and 1/2 Horned Dorset, and pure white. He is 1/2 Dorset and the other 1/2 is mostly Dorset with a tiny bit of Jacob/Border Leicester thrown in 3 generations previously. He is black, and not neutered at this time. $200 for the pair.

We had 2 tiny chicks born to the broody hen. I finally gave in and let us have a dozen eggs. 4 hatched, 2 died, and the rest of the eggs she rolled out of her nest....Brat! The 2 surviving chicks are doing well and growing quickly. Although, I think 1 is a rooster.

Fleeces are growing back in nicely. I need to set up the sewing machine and fixed sheep coats to keep them all clean. So far, so good. But they are out on pasture and getting their round bales in a big square feeder. It seems to be helping keeping the fleeces clean.

I need to get out to the garage and get fleeces photographed and on the web. I've been spending all of my free time from work inside dyeing yarn, unpacking boxes and repacking boxes. I am hoping to have the farm on the market by September 1st. So, anything unnecessary at this time needs to be packed up. We also have walls to paint, trim to put up inside and out that needs to be painted, and the barn and chicken house need to be painted.

I am so looking forward to my sister and brother-in-law spending most of August and September with us!! He can paint and help with trim, and maybe motivate my husband, whereas my sister will help with cleaning, packing and staging. So much to do. Lots of little jobs. Mainly finish work which hubby does not care for. My sister, brother-in-law, daughter and nephews help with the finish work on the last house we built. I thold him he does not have to build another house. Maybe take down some walls, or put some up.

August 22nd we leave here for my daughter's in Connecticut. From there we are driving to Harrodsburg, KY to look at a farm. We will then go check into our hotel by 3. We go back to Harrodsburg to look at 3 other farms on Sunday. Monday we will see 3 farms with 2 different realtors. Tuesday, I know of one farm in Berry, KY. She is going to line up some more for us. We will leave KY  Wednesday morning for CT, and then NH. Back to work Thursday. Or we leave Tuesday after we see the last farm and take turns sleeping, getting back into NH Wednesday night. It is going to be busy, that is for sure. I am hoping to find a farm that speaks to us this time. Not like 3 years ago when we went to WV, TN and NC and found only one that we liked. But, it was too farm south and too far off the beaten path for a shop. And, in KY there are plenty of Food Lion grocery stores near all of the farms we will look at. Food Lion is owned by Hannaford Bros. Jerry works for Hannaford, 35 years in, and can transfer to a Food Lion. I guess sometimes it pays to be working for a chain...

Between my sister and brother-in-law living here, and my sister-in-law & nephews covering when they are not, we can enjoy our trip south with my daughter and her husband!

I am just so excited about the possibility of a new adventure!! We've lived here since January 2000. We have simply outgrown this farm! I am looking forward to being as self sustainable as possible. If I have my way, I'll only come off farm once a month to do my bulk buying of 'stuff' we won't be growing ourselves, like toilet paper and flour. (I know I could grind my own flour, but I won't be growing wheat...) I am hoping to have bigger gardens, at least one cow (for milk and butter) and a bull (for making calves to raise into freezer steer),  a pig or two a year, chickens for eggs, maybe a few birds for meat, and sheep for meat and wool. I am looking forward to having a shop!!! And, having only what I am working on to be in the house.

I am off to get something done around here. If you want to know on a more regular basis what is going on with Ewe & I Farm and it inhabitants, check out our Face Book page!


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