Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pregnant porcupine and random sheep shots.

 We don't normally see her this exposed.
Once I started taking pictures, and talking
to her, she decided it was time to hide.
She was not quick about it though.
I am sure she knows we are no threat.

 She is much bigger around than she 
was when I first found her in this tree.

 I wonder if this is the same one from last year
that brought us her albino kit after I broke my ankle.

 Stormy Weather.
Our 11 year old registered black
Romney ram. He is in with the girls
because my Horned Dorset was trying
to beat him up. I don't think he is even
attempting to breed anything. He has
been with the girls since we put him and
his 5 year old son  in September. It is the 
first time we'd ever put 2 rams in the same 
pen with ewes. But, Jeremy is so gentle with
his father and there was no fighting.

Jet black lambs are so hard to photograph!!
I am hoping this ram lamb is going to go as
as breeding ram. His color is gorgeous. It 
would be interesting to see him grow up and
see if he keeps the black, turns black chocolate
like his father, or grays out like his grandfather.
This is the color Stormy was when he was born.
 At the back of the back is Nutmeg.
She is (nosy) Natalie's daughter, and
she is staying as a new breeder and fiber
producer. She is a big lamb!!

 Tess is keeping a close eye on her flock 

 Socks daughter Spot.
She is another ewe that is staying.

 The Horned Dorset ewe on the left, and in the 2 
bottom pictures has been sold to CB.

 Unlike the boys, the girls horns come in slower.

 Mike. The first lamb born on the farm this year.
He is full Horned Dorset, and has been sold to 
DM. Notice the horn difference between he and
the ewe lamb. He is 9 days older than her.

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