Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things are quiet here on the farm. Breeding is done for the year and lambs should start arriving in February. The leaves and acorns are falling fast and furious from the trees, and the sheep are devouring both. The fleeces are gorgeous underneath the Matilda coats, and the ewes will be sheared in January.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Wool Arts Tour 2008

Instead of 'boring' y'all with the complete details of each of my fellow vendors, I will send you here- you can get more information about them and their products. Plus it is a good plug for our host and the Wool Arts Tour. (o;
These 2 boys were donated by Bill & Audrey Rhoades and then raffled off with the donations going to the NH Food Bank.
Our friends Sue & Tom Connary won the raffle and took them home on Monday.

Sue drooling on Saturday. Shari comforting the boys as Mary looks on.

Shari demonstrates spinning to a pair of visitors in Audrey's wool room.

Donna Moody and Judy Helie.

Gale Frizzell and Toni & LeRoy Malouf.
Bonnie & Terry Collard. Gwen Gaskell (the sock knitting machine master) is visiting in the middle.

Sue Connary and Ken & Charlene Schultz.

Jennifer Connolly and Carolyn Terhune.
Folks gather to watch Gwen teach how to darn a sock and Audrey teach how to needlefelt a patch on a sock.
A year ago at Wool Arts Tour a cria was born. This year Audrey & Bill had a birthday 'party & cake' for Wats (the cria). The first picture is of this year's vendors and the alpaca with the pink ribbon is 1 year old Wats.
Sue looks stunned that they won, but then they both are happy that they won the 2 boys.
Shari is trying to convince the first alpaca that he wants to get in her van to go home to Sue & Tom's. And Bill is trying to hand off the second alpaca to Shari.
They are now happily at Sue & Tom's getting acquainted with all their sheep.

Wet felting

I know I am late in posting and work just gets in the way!
September 18 at the Bradford Farmer's Market, we had 4 students from New England College came to learn to wet felt. They each wet felted wool to a 1/2 bar of Ivory soap and did a small hot pad/placemat/wall hanging. It was a little crisp, but what do you expect in New England on a fall afternoon? Their teacher and our market manager both got in on the fun too!!
15 students and 2 instructors came out to the farm October 15th. We were having way too much fun and I forgot to take out the camera! Sorry. )o: But they learned to wet felt over a small(ish) rock to make toothfairy pouches/treasure bags. Some also learned to wet felt a 1/2 bar of soap.
Hopefully this winter I will have time to do some of these myself for upcoming farmer's markets.
A comment and a response to the comment-
I use the Murphy's when teaching flat wet felting. I have yet to have anyone be allergic to it or its scent (including me!) A little goes a long way and it makes the fiber slippery quickly, making wet felting that much easier. You could use Ivory liquid soap, but I know too many people who can't handle the smell.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To all who have purchased from Ewe & I Farm! We have had an awesome year because of our customers! I will update my blogs when this slow down again here on the farm. (I am shooting for Friday this week as I am off from work-right now any way.)

We have NO fleeces left for sale!! YEAH!! But, I do have roving (which will go on the fleece page) and I do have yarn (which will go on the yarn page).

I am teaching a wet felting workshop here at the farm tonight, and if I get pictures, I will post those later.


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