Friday, October 24, 2008

Wool Arts Tour 2008

Instead of 'boring' y'all with the complete details of each of my fellow vendors, I will send you here- you can get more information about them and their products. Plus it is a good plug for our host and the Wool Arts Tour. (o;
These 2 boys were donated by Bill & Audrey Rhoades and then raffled off with the donations going to the NH Food Bank.
Our friends Sue & Tom Connary won the raffle and took them home on Monday.

Sue drooling on Saturday. Shari comforting the boys as Mary looks on.

Shari demonstrates spinning to a pair of visitors in Audrey's wool room.

Donna Moody and Judy Helie.

Gale Frizzell and Toni & LeRoy Malouf.
Bonnie & Terry Collard. Gwen Gaskell (the sock knitting machine master) is visiting in the middle.

Sue Connary and Ken & Charlene Schultz.

Jennifer Connolly and Carolyn Terhune.
Folks gather to watch Gwen teach how to darn a sock and Audrey teach how to needlefelt a patch on a sock.
A year ago at Wool Arts Tour a cria was born. This year Audrey & Bill had a birthday 'party & cake' for Wats (the cria). The first picture is of this year's vendors and the alpaca with the pink ribbon is 1 year old Wats.
Sue looks stunned that they won, but then they both are happy that they won the 2 boys.
Shari is trying to convince the first alpaca that he wants to get in her van to go home to Sue & Tom's. And Bill is trying to hand off the second alpaca to Shari.
They are now happily at Sue & Tom's getting acquainted with all their sheep.

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