Monday, July 03, 2017

Tour de Fleece and a day on the farm

Apparently I signed up to do Tour de Fleece with 2
groups on FB... This bright pink is day 3 on my
26 year old Louet. It is dyed Samoyed Husky.
 Below is day 2. It is gray/brown Coopeworth
wool getting spun on my Merlin Tree reproduction
Canadian Production wheel.

 More wheels are lined up on the other side of the
living room in front of the bookcase. That is not all of them.
This is day one spun off and on at Saturday's Farmer's 
Market in Wilmot. It is leftover bits and bobs of Romney.
I will most likely Navajo Ply it to keep the colors intact
and then make a hat from the yarn.

 The fiber producers mowing, fertilizing and watering
the front lawn. Yes, that is my van parked on the front
lawn. I brought home a very nice maple dresser from 
Farmer's Market and needed to unload it, and the show
stuff, into the house. Sending sheep to the butcher soon.
Need the van to get them there. We are out of sausage...

 A couple of shots of the oldest sheep on the farm.
Cloud is a wethered Romney that is 12+ years old.

 13 week old Golden Comet chickens hanging out
under the lilac bush trying to stay cool.

 The newest member to the farm.
A 3/4 Spanish buckling.
He will stay in a separate pen for a couple of days.
#1-So the big doe won't kill him.
And #2-So he knows where to come in at night.
The lamb's creep gate will replace one of the green
gates Wednesday morning. That way he can get 
away from the big cranky doe.
 There is cranky, and her sister.
Chloe and Callie.

 Carl the cow. 1 year old Dorset/Romney wether.

 Goats in grass and weeds.
 13 week old Aracaunas. They can be out when the
other chickens are outside. During the night they are
behind the green gate and the 'cage'.

 The Comets back in their dog kennel.

 There is deer netting suspended from the top of the
kennel to keep the raptors from swooping in and 
taking my chickens. I lost 2 in the few couple of weeks.

 The pigs enjoying their nightly donuts.

The girls are back in winter pasture and unhappy about it.
They will come back out on the front lawn in the morning.

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