Sunday, March 24, 2013


I re-potted 70 tomatoes seedlings into 3" and 4" peat pots. Some of each of the following.

I then planted 14 Black Beauty Eggplant seeds.

And 30 Green Cabbage seeds.

And then I planted- LOTS of peppers! Yums Hybrid Mixed Mini Bells Sweet Pepper

When they are ready to be transplanted I will plant some of my herbs. I am hoping to sell some of this produce, but a lot will be canned or dehydrated for our own use. I am looking forward to salsa!

I will be trying all sorts of trellis ideas with and without the cattle panels. Will be planting in different gardens with different manures, and with different companion plants.

My other big plantings will be drying beans and quinoa. Two new things we have not grown before!!

Taking a break checking out gardening sites. Thought I'd share.

I am so enjoying reading this web post!! We already use cattle panels in a variety of ways on the farm. Last year Jerry used them to surround one garden. He planted my tomatoes inside the panels allowing them to grow upwards. He then planted his beans and peas inside the 'circle' of tomatoes.

Vertical gardens-

 I have seen it before but not tried the over the door shoe organizers. Would have to try a drip system to keep the plants all hydrated.

 I think I like the gutter system better.  Plus the excess water runs into the next gutter.

Gutter garden with built in soaker hoses-

More types of gutter gardens.

I am going to work now....I have to find the camera so I can upload pictures to the blog. Later!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I like the cowl too!

Check out this blog post!

When life slows down a bit, I want to make this bag in multiple sizes!!

I know I have been missing from my blog. I do have lots of pictures to upload, but I just finished 2 weeks of working 6 days a week. The paycheck should be more than awesome, but I need time to spend it. This week coming is back to normal, and then I work everyday for 2 weeks again.

Shearing has started in full force! Jerry is shearing every day he has off and after work. Unfortunately with me working there are no pictures....

I am off to have another cup of coffee and some breakfast, and then I'll see if I can get some pictures uploaded. (Yes, I have a Saturday off!! I whined!)

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The inside of the ow egg

 The monster egg was just a double yolker.

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