Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taking a break checking out gardening sites. Thought I'd share.

I am so enjoying reading this web post!! We already use cattle panels in a variety of ways on the farm. Last year Jerry used them to surround one garden. He planted my tomatoes inside the panels allowing them to grow upwards. He then planted his beans and peas inside the 'circle' of tomatoes.

Vertical gardens-

 I have seen it before but not tried the over the door shoe organizers. Would have to try a drip system to keep the plants all hydrated.

 I think I like the gutter system better.  Plus the excess water runs into the next gutter.

Gutter garden with built in soaker hoses-

More types of gutter gardens.

I am going to work now....I have to find the camera so I can upload pictures to the blog. Later!

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