Sunday, August 30, 2009

Isn't she cute!?

This colored angora doe was born in April. Bonnie didn't want to wait until spring to shear as she would have been matted, so she was sheared last Sunday. She was so small that Jerry decided this would be the easiest way to shear most of her, for both of them. And, as usual, he was correct. (o;

Sometimes life on the farm simply sucks!

(I guess I was more upset than I thought when I did the title on the post!! Thank you all for NOT pointing out to me that I misspelled TWO of the words in the title!-Edited 10/05/09 by CBY)
Today Jerry had to put down Joshua. He was a gorgeous Border Leicester/Romney that has lived with us most of his 10 years. We are in 'we want to be breeding' season and apparently my horned ram clipped him in his side. Joshua stopped eating grain and would only pick at hay. Today we went out to put the sheep in for the night and we found Joshua down. No matter what we did, he had no strength to get up and could barely keep his head off the ground. So Jerry did the most humane thing he knows to do for a suffering animal. A 22 bullet in the back of the head to sever the spinal cord. It is over in milliseconds for the animal. We both know that sometimes it has to be done, but we both hate to have to do it.........

So we bid farewell to Joshua. Say hello to those that have gone before you.

Come to Newport and you won't have to wait this long. LOL.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cool article!!

Thank you Anne for sending this link to me!! The dress in this article is fantastic!!

The picture is directly from the above article.

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