Sunday, January 25, 2015

Decluttering away!

No pictures right now, but there will be. I found the garage!! And, can get the car in there for Jerry to work on. The horse trailer is almost full of white wool headed to Bartlett Yarns. One wall is still full of colored fleeces I need to go through and photograph... It has been WAY too easy just to open the door and put it in piles when we get home from shearing jobs, shut the door and 'forget' about it. (Not that I've forgotten. Hubby reminds often. Just when I get home from work it is either cold/hot or dark, or I am beyond exhausted!

So, that said. I have 2 long days on Monday and Tuesday, a dentist appointment on Wednesday, a steroid shot on Thursday, and maybe another long day on Friday. Short day Saturday. And, then we have a monster storm coming in, so I am NOT working in the garage the rest of the week. Hopefully I can get some work downstairs. Wash some more fleece, set up my carding area, a sewing area, and a place for all of my show 'stuff'.

Off the computer I go! Back to the bedroom. Decluttering in there as well. I joined a 40 bags in 40 days group on Face Book. My goal is 40 bags of clothes alone to go out of this house in 40 days. I met the challenge already with the wool in the horse trailer. Next will be the stash yarn....


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random farm pics

 The one with the biggest horns is Christopher.
This is his group of girls.

 Looking up the still icy driveway.
The four wheel drive truck makes it out fine.
Looking at the barn, sheep , llama and alpaca.

Inside the sheep's hoop house.
We use chain link fence for the 'ribs'.
The pallets help save the sides from horns.

                                                  The chickens are like 'What do you mean
                                                                 we can't come in?'

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I finally got a couple of days off! But...

Isn't there always a but?!

Yesterday I packed up a couple of hundred pounds, or so, of wool to go to Bartlett Yarns. Now to get it in the horse trailer so we can see the garage again, instead of bags of wool!

Today, I go to Concord, NH for a MRI in the middle of the day. Well, that blows most of this day off... And, then at 5 pm I start drinking 48 ounces, 8 ounces every 10 minutes, of a solution to flush my intestinal system. That is because tomorrow I go in for an endoscopy ( and a colonoscopy ( Well, that blows that day off!!

And, then I go to work for at least 8 hours Saturday on a route I don't do often.

But!!! I have Sunday and Monday off. My plans for those two days are to finish emptying the garage of fleece. Taking pictures of the ones I have for sale and posting them.

 Need to get the heavy moving done before next Thursday. I go back to see the back doctor ( for the first of 3 steroid shots in my back. I go once a month for 3 months. Two years ago they gave me a lot of relief. This is the last time I can do this before we seriously discuss surgery...

And, the realtor is coming next Wednesday. So, I need to get off the computer, go let out and feed the animals, come in and feed me, get changed and head for Concord.

Oh, by the way, I've not been here as I've been delivering mail 6 days a week, plus 2 Sundays before Christmas, for about 4 weeks. The occasional day off I've had, I've either slept in and/or vegged out.


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