Monday, November 25, 2013

Wimot Community Association Holiday Craft Fair

(Copied from the website)


Saturday, December 7th  9 AM – 3 PM

Location New London Outing Club Indoor Center (former middle school gym)  
                                                 114 Cougar Court, New London

More than 65 crafters featuring:

* Baked Goods     * Baskets     * Bat Houses     * Doll clothes & furniture
* Hand-sewn items     * Jewelry     * Knits, woven & felted items
* Ornaments     * Pottery     * Raffle and much more!
 * Famous Wilmot Ladies Aid Cookie Walk   * Hot Lunch, Beverages & Treats

Anne Mitts and I will be setting up Friday night. We hope for a good show, and great sales this year. It is SO much better having us all under one roof!!! And, I think it is well worth the $100, plus a donation for the raffle, for a 10x10' booth in New London!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

5th Annual Green Mountain Fiber Fesival    She has a very nice picture of Christopher as a 6 month old for our vendor info.

I need to go load the car for the festival, and get a Shetland fleece washed, and pack & price some Icelandic fleeces. So, I am out of here!!

Have a wonderful Thursday all and hope to see you at the Festival!!!

Thinking of next year's garden

This blog has some wonderful ideas that I may incorporate in the my gardens!

I love her raised beds, but I don't want to waste what little space I have been given for gardens. The rest of the land is for the animals. So I get creative using every square inch I have with companion planting. My favorite book is Carrots Love Tomatoes. This is the one I have- .
But, Amazon has plenty of others like it.

And, if you don't want to buy a book, you can go to this web site for a list of companion plants.

Now, if I could get rid of the front lawn, it would look like this!

Another interesting site.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trying Craigslist one more time.

I have had good success with buying, but not so much with selling. A scammer tried to part me with my money, never mind the sheep, twice. I am willing to try one last time.

We are trying to sell Monster, a 90% Dorset X 10% Border Leicester/Jacob ram lamb for sale. His mother is the cross and his father is 100% Horned Dorset. He was born in February and has been handled enough to keep him friendly, but not aggressively friendly.

I'd like to keep him, but when it comes to breeding time, I don't have space to have 3 rams at once breeding. Not with all of the lambs we kept and the old ladies that are in with the lambs.

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