Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still no electric!!

Thursday night at 10 pm we lost power. It is Saturday at almost 10 am, and we are still without power. I am updating this by our generator. It is now time to go shut off the generator and do some bills and housework...TTFN. Have a great weekend!

Not a lot more snow, just a couple of inches. But, it is still 'snizzling'.

Random farm & lamb pictures

At the end of the day, a nap with a cat is nice. At this point we have not had electricity for quite some time.

Even in a snowstorm, the sheep still need hay.

The lambs are not sure they want to go out.

Very pretty isn't it? Very dangerous as well!!

6 1/2" We ended up with 9 1/2" before it started to pour.

Isn't she gorgeous?! She is pure Romney and is staying on the farm. She will have a new ram coming this year for breeding at a later date.

Jerry has named the black and white lamb 'Mini Me' as she is a carbon copy of her mom. Her brother is 'Pearl(y)'. We've left the wheel barrow out in the yard as the lambs love to play with it. The Horned Dorset lambs rub their horns on it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What do you do for Valentine's Day?

Well, you spend it with hubby while he shears goats of course!! And crochet on my shawl while waiting. At least Bonnie, Terry and David allowed us to use the heated garage to do it.

'He's killing me!! Help!!' Goats are SO theatrical!

The wood stove is going nicely. This is where I was parked. Doesn't Danny look dapper in his vest? (-;

Sheep in coat/vests and goats in the background.

More goats clothed. Both in human clothing and goatly fiber. (-;

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adventures in lambing

What do you do when a Horned Dorset refuses her 2nd lamb? In our case, you take a dog collar and a leash and you tie her to the wall for 12 hours. That way she can't swing her horns and the little lamb could nurse.
Gracie is a 3rd time mom. The first lambing she twinned and refused one, so her former owners bottle fed the ewe. (I didn't have time for bottle feeding, so this is what we did) The 2nd lambing was a single, they said, with no issues. She accepted both after we took the leash off, but we left the collar on for another few days.
Gracie gave us a ram and a ewe. Both are registrable and will be available for sale now, and ready to leave the farm by the end of March. (We also have Tina's twins, a ram and a ewe that will be available to leave at the same time.)

Tina's twins in the corner, Gracie's twins toward the front and Candace's ram in the corner.

Ewes ready to pop!

2 am Super Bowl Sunday, Victoria decides it is lambing time. Her lambs were a little weak and had trouble getting attached to the nipple. I milked her directly into the bottle and fed the ram first, then the ewe. I milked mom again, and went to feed the lambs again and the ewe decided she'd feed herself. It took some more of the bottle for the little ram to be able to do the same.

Victoria with her lambs, and Ruth behind her with her single ewe. And a picture of the proud papa!

The barn is getting cramped! And just what are you looking at?!

I am singing for my supper!! That is one of the Horned Dorsets that had yet to lamb.

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