Monday, June 16, 2008

I am sure by now you have all seen TV ads for this, the Topsy-Turby Upside Down Tomato Planter.

I like this one. Nothing like companion planting. Maybe I will give it a try.
Introducing my husband's version.
Black gold!! Aged sheep manure.
His plants are doing quite well. We will see who gets more tomatoes........
Life is starting to slow down which means-
1. Posting will resume at all my blogs. (as it has started here)
2. Pictures of all the knitting done while Jerry was shearing will get posted. (at my knitting blog)
3. The house might get cleaned. (o;
4. There will be lots more 'stuff' posted for sale on the fleece page and the yarn page.

I promise.

Off to clean, and photograph, and have a great day all!!

This is what the Lord gifted me with this morning. Now if I could knit like that.........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did you guess what it was?

These were on the outside of the building where I took my courses to work for the USPS. I have another week of courses to take and then hopefully I will be back to work part-time.

These are empty mud dauber nests. They have had them sprayed so the wasps are gone. I just thought that they were interesting.

This must have been a youngster... (o;

Yes, you read right. I am going back to work part-time. I received my final denial from Social Security. I am bummed, but God has held us up this last 8 years and will continue to do so, if I let Him. But, obviously, He means for me to go back to work at this time. And, if we do move, I can deliver mail almost any where!!

A first time for everything

The State of NH Department of Motor Vehicles says that this is not a farm vehicle, therefore it can not be registered as such. Well, duh!! What is it??
We have hauled alpacas from Hollis, NH home in this. We've hauled lambs to market and to private farms. We've hauled angora goats, equipment and all my products to farmer's markets and shows. we've hauled hay! But, mind you, it is not a farm vehicle.

Jerry is waiting for me to come pass the rope around the bale.
It was so snug in there that it was not coming out without the rope around it. The good thing is that it couldn't move as we were going down the road home.

Newport Farmer's Market opens!!

Happy Friday the 13th as Newport Farmer's Market kicks off another year of business!!

The kids love story time on the Gazebo.

Howling Good Kettle Corn also has lemonade this year.

The girls are teaching the public while I scoot out to take some pictures.

Looking down the common. There are vendors on both sides of the green and quite a few in the middle as well this year.
A few of our regulars were missing. I believe they will be back in the next two weeks. And we have a few new vendors as well. Pick up a copy of the Summer 2008 issue today. We are in it. My yarn is on page 32 and I am on page 34 (in the sweater my daughter now owns).

What is it??

Answer later in the week..........

New farmer's market!!

The Bradford Area Community Center hosted the new Bradford Farmer's Market which opened June 5, 2008. This market will run Thursday on the lawn in front of the BACC from 3-7 pm, until mid-October.
Looking around at opening day.

Jen Ivery from The Vegetable Patch in Warner.

When I get information about the rest of the vendors, I will post it here.
Selling homegrown meats from a freezer in the back of his van.

Homemade bread.

Kate Dombrowski and her son Ben (to the left). He provided some of the entertainment with his guitar and singing. In the middle is Jezebel from Battles Farm. She had fresh ground coffee, plants, jelly and cranberry sauce. Next is us.

Next to us is the music tent. The Bradford Bog Band played and sang. What a great group!!

Rain was in the forecast, so my shower curtains are up behind the yarn. And, as is Murphy's law, because I was prepared, it did not rain.
And, I made the front page of one of our local newspapers. In living color, no less.

Some of the other vendors and customers.
I missed the 2nd week as I was in school, but I will make sure to get this updated after this Thursday coming.

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