Sunday, June 15, 2008

Morning guests

Can you say 'Awww!' ? The geese who live on the lawn next door decided to come visit our lawn Monday morning. We have weeds that the gentleman next door doesn't have. (o; He mows his lawn, we send out the lawn mowers....
There were 20 or 21 goslings with these 2 geese.

Mom and dad think I am getting a little close and start moving them back toward home quarters.

I love the way the goslings got into a group and Mom and Dad were on opposite sides. Like 'circling the wagons' to protect against intruders.

Max thinks he can catch or scare off the geese. As does Smokey...I think he just wanted to see what his human was doing. I don't know if he sees well enough to know what I was photographing. Not until he gets closer, anyway.

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