Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is pretty close to what I plan to do this spring.

I had not thought of using clothes line to secure the PVC pipe. I plan on using strapping and U-clamps to secure mine. I like a lot of their ideas though.

Go check out their blog!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The first lambs of 2014.

 Pregnant, sheared Jacobs

 Our newest little girl born Monday morning to Heifer.

 Mini Me and her new son born Tuesday.

 Heifer, above, Border Leicester/Jacob X Dorset.
Below, her daughter, Mini Me crossed again with Dorset.
Their kids crossed again with another Dorset.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Random Sunday pictures

 Salad anyone?

 6 eggs by 8 am.
A dozen by 3 pm.

 Maggie is my original Dorset Romney cross.
Her fleece is still soft enough for baby wear.
She turned 15 years old this month and is still going strong.

 The girls let Monster do his own thing.
Any babies born now will be Christopher's.
Any born after April 15th will be Monster's.

 A closed face Horned Dorset, Brenda, with Mini Me
a Border Leicester/Jacob X Dorset, and Lizzie, Border Leicester.

 With all the different sized sheep in the barn 
there is bound to be hay on top of the fleeces.

 The fleeces are much cleaner inside.

 I can't wait to get Tallulah and Daisy May's
fleeces off them. They are shedding...
Hopefully it is only because of pregnancy stress.
 Some of last year's lambs.

 Last year's lambs.
 The tiny one in the front is Magic. She is a pure-bred
Romney who was born later in the spring.

 Mouse, a Romney/Dorset, peeks around the butt of a friend
as if to say, "Are you planning on checking my butt AGAIN?"

As of tonight, March 3rd, there are no lambs.

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