Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Computer frustrations

I have been trying since the VT Sheep & Wool festival (Sept. 6 + 7) to update this blog. Yes, I know that is 3 weeks!! But my computer has 'eaten' 2 mice and is trying to eat my newest one! It took over 30 minutes to get it to put 2 pictures on the blog and then everything froze.
I will be trying again today to update the blog. I need to spend some serious time cleaning/organizing my office anyway and I might as well do two things at once.
I really hate the thought of sending this back to the 'computer geek' to have him overhaul it.... In the meantime, I am on the hunt for a new computer. The next one will be a laptap and I am leaning seriously toward the Macs.

And, if anyone has email me/the farm and I have not replied, please try again.


Friday, September 19, 2008

20th annual VT Sheep & Wool festival

This was the front entrance to the main building. We were just to the left of the doorway. The next picture shows our fleeces around the tree and 2 of us on the front lawn. (These pictures are from Sunday. On Saturday it was raining and there were a Lot more fleeces around that tree!)
Looking toward the llama obstacle course. And then, here comes the llamas and alpacas. It was nice to actually be able to watch the kids and their animals go through the course. I have never been able to watch as I am usually in a building.
Our tent on Sunday morning. It was still lightly raining when I took these pictures, but the sun did come out!
Coming back from lunch break, looking toward the front gate and where we were set up. There were 3 of us set up on the front lawn.

More pictures of our setup, after the sun came out. I did not realize that the boxes were showing until I put the pictures on the blog....... )o:
Hope Spinnery. A wind powered fiber mill. We sent 3 of the left over fleeces home with him (Bill Huntington) to be processed into roving. www.hopespinnery.com

I need to find this woman's card so I can let you know who she is...........I do know that she is from Connecticut. And her colors are awesome!
My favorite wheel maker. David Paul of The Merlin Tree. http://www.themerlintree.com/the_merlin_tree001.htm.

David's double flyer Ashford Traveller. Two handed spinning anyone?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Matilda coats- washing instructions

This email came to me from the woman I bought my coats from. Please read if you use the new Matilda sheep coats.

It has come to my attention that the most recent fabric the Matilda Brand Sheep covers are made of is UV treated and that washing damages this treatment. Noel has recently posted new washing instructions for us to use.If possible do NOT wash these covers. If you must wash them use cold or warm water only (do NOT use hot water). Presoak the covers in warm water if they are muddy. Wash only one or 2 covers at a time in the washer and use liquid dish washing detergent (I know, this sounds crazy, but it does seem to make a difference. Do NOT use clothes washing detergent). Hang the covers to dry. Agitation, hot water and clothes washing detergent cause major damage to the covers.One of our dealers has washed 6 brand new covers and ruined them, then he tried the dish washing detergent and no damage was done!Please send these instructions out to anyone who is buying covers from you.Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you! I just wish I had known this earlier!!Belinda

Stormy Weather

The ewe to the left is Psycho. Silver's twin, and Stormy's aunt. I couldn't get a good picture of his mother. The two ewes look a lot alike. Silver is a little taller, Psycho is a little fatter.
Long John Silver.

Born to Silver & John on March 9, 2008. One of two ram lambs. Both were black when born and therefore registered as such. Stormy will go for $500 or BRO at this time.

A day on the farm

The garden spider is back. Doesn't it look frightful?

Isn't Cornelius handsome? He is just over 1 year old and is a registered Horned Dorset.

Well, aren't you going to feed us? I was trying to take pictures of Stormy and the girls couldn't understand why they weren't being fed, again.

Shearing Shari's goats

This was taken August 29th while delivering mail. And it is not a swamp maple. Fall will be here early, and most likely winter. Everybody ready? (o;

Shari supervising. The goats are 3 years old already. The first time Jerry sheared them, it took him an hour apiece. Now it takes him not time at all. The goats are being shearing 8/31/08.

How many people does it take to shear a goat?

Cliff's first shearing experience. He is at the ready with the hand shearers.
His friend has to make sure he is ok.

2 out of 3 of the llamas had to come check on Jerry and their goats.

And of course, I go nowhere without my knitting. Rattlesnake Creek socks from Sock Knitter's Pentathlon at Yahoo! Groups. This is the 3rd sock I've done with this group.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Your result for The Perception Personality Image Test...

NBPC - The Daydreamer

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Take The Perception Personality Image Test

Nestle quiz

I took a quiz at http://www.verybestbaking.com/ and they came up with this. Stunning, aren't I? I wish. (o;

But, do go check them out. They have great recipes. If you like cookies and the such........yum!

You're a...Frosted Cupcake
You're something of a showoff, aren’t you? (But in a deliciously good way!) For you, good taste is only part of the story. Your fresh-baked creations look like they were torn from the pages of a magazine, reflecting your winning sense of style. No wonder your treats get so many "oohs and ahhhs."
Can you tell I am bored?

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