Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shearing Shari's goats

This was taken August 29th while delivering mail. And it is not a swamp maple. Fall will be here early, and most likely winter. Everybody ready? (o;

Shari supervising. The goats are 3 years old already. The first time Jerry sheared them, it took him an hour apiece. Now it takes him not time at all. The goats are being shearing 8/31/08.

How many people does it take to shear a goat?

Cliff's first shearing experience. He is at the ready with the hand shearers.
His friend has to make sure he is ok.

2 out of 3 of the llamas had to come check on Jerry and their goats.

And of course, I go nowhere without my knitting. Rattlesnake Creek socks from Sock Knitter's Pentathlon at Yahoo! Groups. This is the 3rd sock I've done with this group.

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