Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello from Ewe & I Farm!

Some of you may be aware that Jerry and I are looking to be a bigger farm. Originally, we were looking in NH. Then, we turned our search south... We found LOTS of farms in KY that we, and my daughter, REALLY liked!

BUT. Isn't there always a but?! We have to get this one on the market soon. That means lots of decluttering, re-homing of 'stuff', and wool fleeces to sell.

I hope to soon be posting fleeces to sell by the pound both here and on the fleece page, as well as Face book. If, in the meantime, there is a particular breed that you may be interested in, and only want a pound raw, let me know at and put fleece in the subject line. All uncoated fleeces will be $5/pound!

We have lots of raw llama for sale as well at the same $5/pound. Blacks, browns and white/cream/tan mix.

When you email, let me have your zip code, as well as what you are looking for, and I will let you know prices.

Have a fantastic day!!


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