Thursday, April 25, 2013

20 years and going strong!!

Ewe & I Farm became an official sheep farm in 1993 when we were given our first sheep, Isabelle and the twins, and my 12 year old daughter named the farm.

We had always had 3 sheep on the 1 acre that we owned in Springfield, NH, until 1999. Then there were 6... Jerry told me I needed to get rid of some sheep or find a bigger place. Well...I was working with a woman that disliked NH greatly and wanted to move back to CT. Her place was for sale. We came to Sutton to look at the property twice before we even looked at the house. That was the third trip. It was/is 17 acres with a 24x24 camp and a 12x12 barn. We asked how much and then told them we would buy it.

Not only is this our 20th anniversary of the farm, but it is the 14th anniversary for a LOT of things!!
February 1999-Our origianal Dorset/Romney sheep were born. Maggie is still with us and still has an incredibly soft fleece, even at 14 years old!
March 1999-My mother died from lung cancer after a 9 month battle on my mother in law's birthday.
April 1999-I turned 40
May 1999-My father passed away 5 weeks after my mom from a heart attack the day before my husband's 43rd birthday.
June 1999-I quit smoking after 24 years.
July 1999-My daughter turns 18 and moves out of the house.
October 1999-We buy the house in Sutton. The former owners stay as tentants until the end of the year. We close up the Springfield house and move here January 1, 2000.

So, I think I will having anninversary sales this year!! Starting with the NH Sheep and Wool Festival coming up in 16 days.....I am not ready for it yet as we have been working off farm a lot, and shearing every afternoon and day off. But, I will be there will bells on.  That is me with the drop spindle.

Hope to see you there!!

For grins and giggles, I googled the farm and found this one. I am not happy that they are using our name!!
I have googled us numerous times thru the years and NEVER found anyone else with our name. Not sure what I can do about it....We've been registered as a DBA for YEARS!! I guess it is time to register our yarn lines with the name we've be using for a very long time....

Off to get some outside work done and some fleeces skirted!!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Please vote for us!

If we 'win', we would get $5000 for something to enhance/grow our business. I am looking to add an electric picker to our current equipment for growing the fiber processing 'mini mill'. The only way I can do this is one piece at a time. The picker is $7500. I think we could find the other $2500. (-;

Thanks all!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I know...

I've not been here for a while...

I found a new blog that I think anyone who wants to eat healthy and to use non-toxic products on their body should check out.  She's 'Hot on the trail to investigate what is really in your food'

and you can find her here-

And while you are waiting for me to find my camera and download some pictures, you can find me here-

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