Monday, July 23, 2012

 Little Roo
 Little hen

 Earl(ine) Gray

Jack Black

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are in the midst of constructing a greenhouse (temporary chicken house) from recycling metal windows with screens. The chickens will be much happier having a breeze from 3 sides of their house and I'll be happier having them all in one place. This heat wave has either dropped off egg production, or caused them to go to cooler places to hide them. They will be contained to a 1/2 acre area where they can tear up the property to their hearts content. It is a piece that is loaded with moss. Instead of lime, I will try my chickens first. Pictures will follow at a later time!

I am also working on organizing our basement/lower level into a shop of sorts. I will be posting fleeces for sale within the next couple of days. I will not have pictures for a while as time does not allow, but I will take pictures upon request and get them up.

TTFN. Off to work.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Horned Dorset for sale

Kane is free to a good home
Cornelius $300 with papers
1st picture this spring before he was sheared, and before his horns were cut back.
2nd picture is from June.
3rd picture is right after he was sheared and his horns cut with our 'goat friend' John Wiley.
We have 2 5 year old rams that we would like to sell. One is registered and has done very well by us.
$300 with papers, BRO without. We've cut his horns back as they were pressing on the sides of his head.
The other was given to us without papers, but was used as a show sheep as a lamb so he leads well.
He just will give you a slight smack with his horns if you are in his pen not paying attention to him.
He missing most of one horn as he pulled it out of his head last year. It is slowly growing back.
 He did real well for us lamb wise as well. Bigger lambs than the registered ram.
He is free to a good home.

The registered ram is a production ram. The other was more of a show ram,slightly taller and thinner.

We will not ship, but we may consider meeting you somewhere for the price of gas. We live in central NH and would prefer you come to the farm. That way you could see the 'lambs' for yourself.

We borrowed another production ram from another lamb last year and ended up with a ram lamb 
that we will use for this year's breeding. At 3 months he was already 80 pounds!

A day on the farm-July 15, 2012

 These 6 pictures show what the area looks like today where the chickens are going to be free ranging. They will have about 1/2 acre to 'destroy' and reclaim. Once they are moved to another location we will seed this.

 I will need to put much smaller holed wire here, but will leave up the 6' tall fence to keep out predators.

 A large 'clump' of wild raspberries.


 Jerry is working on the green house/temporary chicken house.
The one on the den will go into the one he is building.

 You can't see us hiding under here in the cool earth.

 This morning's collection.

A day on the farm-June 28, 2012

 Baby chicks and momma-2 months old. Living in house at night because of a raccoon...

 Breaking ground for the new chicken house.

 Where the chickens will be free ranging. We will see what they do with all of the moss. They will have ~1/2 acre to free range in. They will get another piece of the property when they are done with this section.

 Momma and her kids
 Bardo checking out the building site

 One baby, Momma a Black Sex Link, and an old NH Red

Kane and Cornelius. The 2 boys that need a new home.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Entered to win chickens. Want to try? Enter here...

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day.

   And Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter!

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