Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are in the midst of constructing a greenhouse (temporary chicken house) from recycling metal windows with screens. The chickens will be much happier having a breeze from 3 sides of their house and I'll be happier having them all in one place. This heat wave has either dropped off egg production, or caused them to go to cooler places to hide them. They will be contained to a 1/2 acre area where they can tear up the property to their hearts content. It is a piece that is loaded with moss. Instead of lime, I will try my chickens first. Pictures will follow at a later time!

I am also working on organizing our basement/lower level into a shop of sorts. I will be posting fleeces for sale within the next couple of days. I will not have pictures for a while as time does not allow, but I will take pictures upon request and get them up.

TTFN. Off to work.

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