Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random farm pictures

 The 3 old girls and 11 lambs out on 'new pasture'.

 Foraging in the brush

 The pigs are getting big.
Even Valery's runt caught up with the 2 big boys!

 Jack Black is not so sure about snow on his back...

 Jack says, 'Hurry up and let me in!'
Psycho says, 'No!'
A large number of the girls waiting at the gate for their treat of bread.


Born February 2013.
90% Dorset, 10% Border Leicester/Jacol
Full ram. Friendly, but not overly friendly!

Yarn giveaway

 Since we hit 300 likes on our Face Book page, we decided to have a yarn giveaway.
Go to our farm page, like the page and then tell us in the comments which yarn you'd
like to try to win. Jerry will pick the winner Halloween night at 6 pm EST.

 Left to right-
Romney double twist, 240 yards
Wool with mohair, sock yarn, 400 yards
Wool with nylon, sock yarn, 400 yards
Horned Dorset, worsted
Horned Dorset,  fingering
And, at the very end of the post is the Wool with llama, fingering

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wool Arts Tour

A HUGE thank you to all who came out this weekend and purchased from us. We will continue to have $10 adult fleeces and $15 lamb fleeces on sale until they are all gone. All of our fleeces will continue to be 20% off until they are gone. I will work this week getting them up on the fleece blog.

Pictures will be coming as soon as the truck is unpacked and the bag with the camera is located!!


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