Monday, March 29, 2010

Ewe & I Farm: Beginning sheep shearing school

Ewe & I Farm: Beginning sheep shearing school

Beginning sheep shearing school

I thought I would be the one taking the sheep shearing school, but Jerry decided it was best not to risk my back... Since he had not taken the school before, he was the one to take this one. (Maybe another time...)
This school was sponsored by the Maine Sheep Breeder's Association and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. The location was hosted by North Star Farms ( in Windham, Maine, owned by Philip and Lisa Webster.
What a great day we all had. A lot was learned about shearing, farming, and sheep!! Thank you to all the instructors and the hosts!!

As you enter the barn, the sign requests that you disinfect your feet before you enter. One of the shearing posters in the barn.

People watching the sheep being sheared. And more Icelandic sheep waiting their turn. There are even more sheep in the stock trailer.

The shearing instructor is using chalk to show how the sheep was sheared.

Jerry shearing with his instructor.

Skirting being taught.

A sheep being sheared on a stand. Jerry chose not to try this.

Shearing shearing with a Heiniger setup. Unfortunately for me, he really liked it. It only costs about $1300-1800...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Behind the scenes at Bartlett Yarns

This is pretty cool!! If not brief...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The newest lamb (#28) and random lamb pictures

"Oh, we are outside..." New boy (and a new bag) on the block. "Nice looking lamb there!"

'You're not my mommy.' That's because she's hiding behind you...

These following pictures were taken Sunday. You can see the difference in snow between these pictures and the ones posted earlier this week. (So I am slow in posting....) Psycho has decided that drying kid mohair is the place for her. (-;

I guess I need to replace some fencing this spring...

I love the 'puppy pile' in the sunshine. But, why do they have to all sleep in the barn when it is so nice out? Maybe it is time to get their coats back on so that they don't sunburn....
The Canada Geese just flew in to their favorite spot on the river next door.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is coming!!

My mail jeep. Just unloaded of grain. So, obviously it is a half and half. (-;

The skirting table is covered on the deck. I thought it was supposed to rain today. You can see the top screen, of two, on the deck with fleece drying. Those fleeces are going to become felt pads. I love mine!! And hope to sell a few.
The daffodils are coming up. And (below) the lilies are working their way upwards as well. They have a little more snow to deal with though... As do my roses.

Mud season is upon us, and nothing knows that better than my poor Jeep. Jerry spent 3 days working on it and parts running. Brakes and other assorted under carriage things...

I saw a Canada Goose in the Sugar River in Newport on Monday. I heard the Red Wing Blackbird here this morning, and the Loon yesterday. Everyone seems to be coming back early. Maybe they never went a far south as normal, considering how slammed with snow those further south of us were...

I have spent two days skirting and washing fleeces. And will spend at least the next two days skirting my own fleeces for sale. I did one yesterday and hers will be posted soon on the fleece page...
I am off to shower and to head to Newport for a few hours. Then, I'll get back to those fleeces...

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