Saturday, March 06, 2010

Catching up

Friday, Jerry sheared 8 enormous Oxford cross ewes. And got quite the work out. I came home with 7 fleeces that are sitting on my front deck next to the skirting table, waiting to be skirted. They will most likely be sent out to become felt pads.

Our fleeces are sitting in the kitchen waiting their turn on the skirting table. The camera is charging and I plan on taking lots of pictures. Our fleeces will be photographed, measured, weighed, rolled and rebagged. I will then post them on our fleece blog, but will also give a heads up here.

I still have 3 fleeces left from last year, and 1 from 3 years ago that was found in the garage, that will be marked down drastically. There is not a thing wrong with them, except for the fact that I need the space and the cash...(-;


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