Sunday, May 19, 2013

52 week challenge

Yesterday was the end of week 20. We are close to 1/2 way through the year. By now, if you are putting the amount of money equal to the week (yesterday you'd have put $20 in the account/jar), you should have $210 saved.

Below is the chart in PDF form for you to print out. At least at the end of the year I can buy Jerry one item on the shearing 'want' list.

This article tells you a few more ways to save cash, a little at a time.

Clipper blade sharpener wanted.

Also on the to buy list. Will have to buy new, unless I can find a used one at a good price.


                                                          On the to buy list....

Bub comes to Ewe & I Farm from Springfield, NH

Because I was not sure how he would react to me, he was placed in the old hedgehog cage. It is a little dented for the blade of the tractor.... He rode well, but was not impressed to be lugged in the girl's barn.
At least he did not try to bite me!!

                                                The girls come in to check him out.

                                                He is a big boy. And only one year old!!

                                             In less than 10 minutes he found a new girlfriend.

The enclosed chicken run/kennel. They will be locked in tomorrow as I
have to work and then he has 2 shearing appointments in the afternoon.
Better safe than sorry!!

Looking for an alpaca shearing table.

Anyone have a used one of these of sale in New England that they'd want to sell us? I can not justify $1599 plus the extra $$s for the leg restraints and apron.....Jerry has sheared on 2 different types of tables in the past couple of weeks, and it does go faster and we've only had 2 screamers. We would still bring the chute for those who prefer the alpaca standing, but it would be real nice to have another option. Especially for those who cush!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you!

To all who stopped and shopped with us this past weekend at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival!! And, to all who stopped to talk, and to say Hi!. We do realize that you can have too much....and we did not have much new this year.

I am not sure how we did financially, but in this economy we are thankful for all the sales!

Next show not until the VT Sheep and Wool the last weekend in September. See you then.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't forget to see Ewe & I Farm at the 37th annual NH Sheep & Wool Festival in Deerfield, NH this weekend. We are set up and ready to rock and roll. We are having numerous items marked down 20% in honor of our 20th anniversary doing business as Ewe & I Farm. Come on down and stop in and say Hello! For the 3rd year we will have Hope Thomas's gorgeous Shetland fleeces! And LOTS of Icelandic fleeces from Morr-Hill Farm in Groveton, NH. And mohair from a customer in Hopkinton. Plus LOTS of Romney fleeces, roving and yarn. Horned Dorset fleece, yarn and roving. And what is left of hand dyed Romney roving.
See you at the festival!! TTFN!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Come see us this weekend at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival

And come help us celebrate our 20th anniversary with our gift to you of sales throughout our booth!!!

This will be our 2nd year in Deerfield, NH! Map below.
Copied and pasted! This is crazy. We are trying to live as simply as possible on our own farm and they are trying to take water away from us! For anyone reading this that lives in NH, please help us take action!!

This is a Red Alert for everyone. SB11 is part of the Water Sustainability Initiative started by Governor Lynch. It is part of SCI (Sustainable Communities Initiative) and is structured to take away your water rights. If you own a well, you will
soon not own it. If you collect rain water, you soon will not be allowed to and you will be fined or arrested if you do. This must be KILLED no mater what the cost. I have no idea how this got so far but you must call your Senators and State Reps and urge them to KILL this bill. Clearly, they are not paying attention. It is up to us to wake them up.

Jack Kimball

Writing is so easy with email. We used to do it the old way, call or write letters. Go to these sites and find your representative and blast out your wishes on this bill.
Fining with reference to rainwater happens in Oregon already.

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