Friday, September 28, 2018

Life is full of good and bad

I've been saying a lot lately 'If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!' I am so glad with my eternal life I don't have to rely on luck, but God's grace. If I had to rely on luck to get me into Heaven, or even works, I'd fall WAY short!

This week we got hit by lightening. AGAIN! It was not a direct hit as this strike affected my neighbors up on the hill as well. It could have been much worse if it were not for the expensive surge protector that we bought after the last major lightening hit.

We were watching TV, when BAM! lightening struck somewhere in our area. The sky lit up and the TV sparked. A repairman from TDS Telecom. came out late yesterday and replaced our WiFi modem, the DVR (with all 8 of the Harry Potter movies recorded on it 😢as well as a dozen new recorded shows we've not had a chance to see yet), and the 3 HDMI cords. The only damage to the TV thankful is 2 out of 5 ports for the HDMI are fried. As is the HDMI port on this computer. Thankfully, I still have my monitor and this computer can go either cable or screw on connector. (I do not remember what it is called.)

So, we did have some luck in not having to replace the TV and the computer, but I will need to buy another $80 surge protector at some point.

I am walking more and more, even though it is still very painful. I am thrilled to be on 2 legs more than on 4 wheels. I still use the chair around the house, mainly because the foot and ankle still swell a LOT. But, I do walk when I get the opportunity.

I won't be walking a lot this weekend though. I will take the chair with us, and I will use it instead of the cane when I have to walk somewhere. This weekend is the 30th VT. Sheep & Wool Festival. I am hoping that we have sales like we've had the last 2 years. With me not working (19 months and a week at this point), every penny helps to support the farm.

Next weekend is the 35th annual Wool Arts Tour. We will be in our usual spot in Deering, NH at Spinner Farm. This could be our last year vending at tour. Leslie and Steve's farm is for sale, and if the new owners don't care to be a stop, we will be done. This is the only spot with indoor booth spaces. I am getting too old to be setting up and taking down an EZ-Up twice during the weekend. As well as setting up the booth and tearing it down again. But, I wish them lots of luck finding the right buyer for their farm!!

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