Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sheep in a Jeep

Wow! What is that? It certainly is not home.

Tree, tree, tree. Must look away...

Hmm. Car, car, car. Not much better. Why are those people pointing at us?
And, why did that car slow way down? Oh. He has his phone out. Smile pretty Lizzie.
They are taking our picture. Have you never seen sheep in a Jeep before?

Hi! Aren't I cute?

Do you have a cookie for me?

Can you see Lizzie looking out from the hoop house?
Looking at the hoop house behind the house and the propane tank.

Stormy (Romney ram) an Abraham (Border Leicester X Romney wether)
will be keeping Lizzie (white) & Delores (brown) company for the next 4 weeks.
At that time, the 2 Border Leicester girls will move in with the rest of the girls to
await the birth of their lambs. When the lambs are weaned, the ewes will return to
their home in Strafford. Their human is home recuperating from knee replacement surgery.

Delores wears her hay so well.

It won't stay their long as Abraham will clean it off from her.

Fleece eye candy

Both of these fleeces weigh 6# and are $30 plus shipping.
Email me with your zip code, if interested in either one.

I will weigh these and post them on the fleece blog. This is just a teaser. (0;

Thursday, September 01, 2011

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