Monday, September 28, 2015

Columbus Day weekend

Come see us at the Wool Arts Tour. We will be at our usual spot in Deering, NH at Spinner Farm.

Come out to see us this weekend in Tunbridge, VT

Where we are located on the fairgrounds.

This should bring you to a $1 off coupon for admittance. If not, it is also on the front page on the far right, part way down the page.

Stop by and say hi. We will have llama, alpaca, mohair and LOTS of breeds of wool for sale at $5 per pound. Buy 1/2 pound or the whole bag! Your choice. We will also have whole fleeces available, as well as roving, yarn and knit goods.

Hope to see you this weekend.


Monday, September 21, 2015

My boys

 Christopher, my 3 year old Horned Dorset ram in front.
He would not stay still for a picture...

 Stormy Weather, on the right. Registered black Romney.
His 2 year old son, Jeremy, a Dorset/Romney.
Behind them is Cloud. A very OLD Romney wether.

Out in the hay field

My only job in the field is driving the truck. John & Pam Wylie drive their tractors.  Occasionally Jerry drives them as well. Then Pam & I drive our hubby's trucks and the 'boys' pick up and stack the hay. This was an awful light hay year. We will have to find some place to buy hay this year. Still very disappointed in our long time hay guy in his deciding NOT to hay for us this year. Getting round bales is so much easier!!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Some different spinning techniques

What is Navajo 4-ply?

Now, I have do the Navajo 3-ply, but never the 4-ply. Yet. Hope to do this soon with my one ply fractal spinning and one ply of a solid. I like the looks of the yarn she posted on her blog!!

In case you need to see it actually done.

How to Navajo ply on a drop spindle-

Now do this and add one more ply to run alongside the chains....

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