Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We've got roving

We got roving back from Fiber Dreams Farm. It is Romney, Border Leicester/Romney, and other Romney blends. It does have a little VM in it, but it spins right out. As you can see, it can spin up laceweight/sport weight. It does needlefelt beautifully as well!

4 oz. balls $6 plus shipping-4 available
8 oz. balls $12 plus shipping-12 available

E-mail us if interested. eweifarm@msn.com We do combine shipping. (o;

It is amazing to me how yellow it looks on my screen. It is an off white wool, top sitting on a brown shirt, bottom on a tan sheet.

We've got socks

Our wool with nylon for strength. E-mail eweifarm@msn.com for the number of socks you'd like and the sizes.
Small to medium-9-11
Medium to large-10-13 (although a gentleman with size 14 says that they fit him nicely)
$20/pair, $35/2 pair, $50/3 pair plus shipping.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is the way my days are going...

But, some day I may catch up!! Off to do something... (o;

Winter is finally here!!

Well, Valery. I guess we will have a white Christmas after all. Wednesday, the 9th, we were scheduled to go to Easton, NH for goat hoof trimming. But, the weather had other plans. These are some of the pictures after the fact. We got 12" of snow here. The weatherman said it was snowing 1" per hour.

Cornelius has been such a problem child at feeding time that we have separated him from the rest of the boys. At night he goes into the lambing pen to be fed and stays there until morning. He is getting along with the rest of the boys during the day so much better, now that he doesn't have to 'protect' his food.

The boys eat in their pen, and Cornelius eats in his. Look at the size of those horns!!
My ewes headed out for hay. And then...'No!! We want back in!!' It is funny that the Dorsets all want to eat in the barn and the rest of my sheep (mainly the ones born here on the farm) all want to eat outside. They are also the ones that lie out in the snow and get covered.

Sugar River Spinner's Christmas party

Warning!! This post is photo heavy! (o;
Sugar River Spinners held their annual Christmas party Dec. 6th. (I know I am late posting...life is busy right now!) There was LOTS of great food, lots of WONDERFUL company, and much knitting, spinning and conversation. When (and if) we do finally move south, this is what I am going to miss. We've made lots of friends in this group and we do love you all!!
OK. That's enough for now. I am not going to write about each picture. Most are self explanatory. After dinner, we opened our gifts. Even though no one knew who their gift was going to (we drew numbers), each person got the right thing.

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