Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy family

Due to changes in Paul's families committments, Val and Paul were able to join us for Thanksgiving. Valery tries her hand, rather successfully, to carve the bird. I get to enjoy our bounty and all that the Lord has given us this year, and that which He has not.
Smokey is the only cat who doesn't care if there is 'company' in the house. Especially if food is involved...

Valery and Paul cleaned up the leftovers. She managed to strip the bird enough for me to start soup that night. And, oops, she lost a piece. Guess who got it!? LOL
76 degree at 12:41 and 73 an hour later with windows and doors open! And it is 50 degrees outside.
What else are you supposed to do after Thanksgiving dinner? Watch the parade or the football game and nap... Jerry was awakened to the camera turning on...

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