Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy cats

Psycho happily sleeping in my Icelandic. It is in the basket in the living room so that I can remove the tog from the thel while I watch TV. She doesn't think that is a good idea...

Sleeping, contented Maxmillian. "MOM! You woke me up! Go away!"
Can you see the really gray stuff? That is the tog, the coarse outer coat. I will leave some in for me to wet felt, but the thel will be carded for my needlefelters to have a natural black to felt with. I love our shearing customers who don't want their fleeces and don't want to throw them away!! Thank you!

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Cloth Diapers said...

LOL! Cats always know what is the most comfy spot in the house. Seriously, scientists should figure out how they have this radar-like ability to find warm, soft things to sleep on.

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