Sunday, January 27, 2019

The last 4 lambs born Thursday and Friday

 The grand-dog, Dahlia, is trying to
figure out what her human is holding.

 Natalie's daughter.

Leeza's ram.
He is almost pure black except for 
a few stray white hairs on the top of 
his head. We'd love to see him go as
a breeding ram. His grandfather, Stormy,
is a registered black Romney. Although,
like humans, he has gotten gray with age.

Ebony's ewe

Della's ram

Each lamb has been presented to you by my
sweet daughter Valery.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


 Born to Socks on 1/18/19.
This little ewe's name is Spot and
she will be staying on the farm.
 5 days old

 Today is the first day the majority of the lambs
and their mothers were let outside. It is the first 
day since they have been born that it was warm
enough to do so. I can't get any outside shots as
white lambs against white snow do not show up.

As of right now we are keeping Jonna's twin ewes,
Sophia (Sofie) and Sylvia (Sylvie), and Spot.
We will see if there are any other Horned Dorset
ewe lambs that will fit our needs. Right now we still
have two Horned Dorset ewes who have not yet lambed.
As well as 17 others. If Chip (Horned Dorset) is the sire,
they will need to lamb by the end of the month. Anyone
lambing after February 1st, Jeremy (our black chocolate 
Dorset/Romney) will be there sire.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New life and (still) expectant mothers

 Katie (Horned Dorset) gave us a pair of rams this morning.

 Shirley's (Horned Dorset) surviving ram lamb.
The other had the cord wrapped around his
neck and was dead before Jerry could get it out..
 Jonna (HD) with one of her twin ewes.
 Betty (HD) closest to me.
She had a single ram lamb.
That is fine for a first timer.
And, what do YOU do with Closet Maid 
shelves? I tied them up to the wall and each
other to keep the ewes from knocking the 
heat lamp. The lamp is secured to the wall,
but they kept pushing it up. It defeats the 
purpose of having it to keep lambs warm
if it is not facing downward.
It is time to pickup some more plywood
and build more triangle boxes for the lights.

 Harriet. Dorset/Romney

 Keira, one of two of the oldest Dorset/Romney.
She may be 10 this year, or even 11.

 Kelly, Katie's twin.
She and all but 1 (2?) of my Horned Dorset
ewes were born in 2011. Time for new blood.
If all goes well, there will 2 ewe lambs and 
another ram lamb from another farm coming 
here later this spring, plus to 2 born to Jonna.
That will give us 2 different Horned Dorset
breeding groups. I know I did not want a 
4th ram on the farm, but Stormy in 11 next month
and I don't believe he is  going to be breeding again.
 Socks, Dorset/Romney
 Lola, HD

 Miss Mary is a camera hog.

 Gizmo (front) and Miss Mary,
both Dorset/Romney.

 Jillian, a twin Dorset/Romney.
Her twin was tiny and still born.

 Jillian. She will be 2 next month.
She is a big girl!

 Tess is watching Jerry dig one of our gates
out of the snow. The ankle really threw a wrench
into my being organized before lambing. 

Tess has been right there watching everything we
do with the ewes and their lambs. She is very curious
about everything. She has fit in well here.
She is just hard to photograph.
Even though her chest is so white,
so blends into the background very well.

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