Friday, January 11, 2019

New life, barn help, and more porcupine

 Betty, one of our Horned Dorset ewes, in labor 
 with her first lamb. Proud papa, Chip, looking on.
 The lamb ending up being a little big for her.
So, Jerry took pity and pulled a leg to help.

 For a first timer, she is an excellent mother.
Big ram lamb headed to a 4-H family.

 My barn helper. Callie Calico was so upset
that I was taking too long in the barn, At least
that is what she acted like. She will normally
only come to the door and yell at me. This is the
first time she has come in the barn and hung out.

 Here she has just noticed that Tess, the llama,
has her head over the wall watching her intently.


 The porcupine is busy eating hemlock.

 REACH for that branch.

 And, another.

No chitting at me today.
I think it knows I am not a threat.

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