Monday, January 07, 2019


I can understand today why many people hate porcupines. Besides the obvious when you have dogs...


 This is what I first noticed.
Then I saw the porcupine going up the tree.
I came back to the house to get my camera.

 I do not mind that it chose this tree, except
that the fence is tied to it. If you look closely,
you can see the hundreds of holes made by the 
woodpeckers. Thankfully not the Pileated.

 This is a small porcupine. Not much bigger 
my 14 pound cat. I would say it is last year's kit.

 Branch pieces all over the ground 
and piles of porcupine poop.

 You can see at the top of the tree where
it has been debarked and branch pieces chewed off.
 Tess is keeping a close eye on the situation.

 Piles of porcupine poop.

 See how thin the top of the tree is?

Since we don't have a dog, and only once in 26 years
did we have a sheep 'tangle' with a porcupine (Jeremy 
two years ago with a very young one without the barbs
in its quills), and because we have plenty of trees for 
them to do this do, we don't mind have them around.
Now, as long as they stay out of my broccoli patch
this year, and the neighbors as well, all will be good! 

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