Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thank you Valery!!

Thanks to my daughter, I can now post pictures from the tablet. Which means.....I hope to be posting fleeces for sale soon!! Just need shearing to end. ;)


Random farm pics

Would you believe that Maggie, who is looking at 
us from behind the gates, is 15 this year?!
She is our original Dorset X Romney and
is still incredibly soft. She will become yarn
in the next year, or so. Depends on $$...

Just some pictures from a day on. the farm..  And,, a couple of pictures of the llama that Jerry sheared  with her cria.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

On the farm, as of June 1st

As of June 1st, we had 32 living lambs 8 of which have gone to their new homes. 4 girls will stay for new breeders/fiber producers. 3 ram lambs will stay for the summer because of their small size. We lost 7 lambs due to various reasons and 1 prized ewe. ):

We brought home 4 piglets on the 1st, and Lillian (who was 30 days behind the rest of the ewes) gave birth to a ram lamb, 40 days behind the rest... The piglets escaped their enclosure while dinner was cooking. They happily ran around the yard, into the river with Jerry and I slogging thru knee high, gross water following them. The Lane River is still COLD!! They went under one hard wire fence, under the uncharged electric net back to their enclosure. Eventually they went back in, under the truck cap and hid. I am sure that they were as tired as we were.

Jerry has been all over the state of NH and into VT shearing. The bitter cold we had this winter backed up ALL of our customers. And then the rain came, which backed up even more. We have 52 gorgeous fleeces of our own. But, most were uncoated and got hay down their spines. So, that fleeces were all split. They will be washed and made into roving.

The chickens are producing up to 18 eggs a day with 24 hens. Some are so big they won't fit in a Jumbo box. Those stay here for baking.

And, we are both working at least 40 hours a week at our jobs... The Post Office finally hired a 3rd sub, first in 2 years, that looks like she will work out. Maybe I'll get a little more time off. Not this month though. The man I sub for is taking 3 straight weeks off. That is fine. I will be out of debt that much faster.

My sister and her husband have been in the States from Guam for 5 weeks before we got to see them. Between their schedule and ours, trying to connect has been crazy! We were hoping they were going to stay with us and help get the house ready to put on the market, but they are staying with his mother who is not young nor well. But, Lord willing!!, this house will be on the market by the time we, and my daughter & her husband, go look at farms the end of August. Now, to be home long enough to get something done!!

I am off to see if I can get something done on the farm. Have a great summer and I will be back when I can.

Pictures will follow when I have another minute to sit....


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