Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Baby, it's cold out there!

 These frozen webs were found outside of our bathroom window.
Because we chose not to put in a ceiling fan/vent in the 
bathroom and ANOTHER hole in the metal roof. we open
the bathroom window to let out the steam from the shower.
I found these 4 hours after Jerry took his shower.
At the time these pictures were taken, it was -16 degrees out.

Christmas Day snow

My daughter had left 2 hours before these pictures were taken. 
This is how much more snow we got since she left.
It was to the top of my Muck boots which are 15 1/2" tall.

 The girls don't care.
The boys never left their barn.

 The tracks left from my car 2 hours earlier.

 Her car is snowed in at the bottom of the hill.
It is front wheel drive, but could not make the hill.

 The cherry tree still has some fruit, and is 
still attracting numerous birds.

 Val's Kia, the tractor, Jerry's truck (which still looks the same 
today) and the snow slowly sliding, and curling, off the metal roof.

 Walking up the driveway after the tractor has gone up.

 Looking up to Pebble's and Bam's drive.
Jerry has gone up there to plow.

 The egg fridge.
We are at the start of at least 2 weeks of sub-zero temperatures.
This morning, 12/27, at 6:30 am it was 16 below.
As I write this at 10 am, it is up to 4 below.
There might not be any eggs in there for the next two weeks...

 Jerry coming down (backwards) the hill. 
The blade is on the back of the tractor.
Because my shoulder surgery was on the left arm,
I will not be plowing with the blade at all this year.

 Walking back down the drive.
Under all this snow is ice from the ice storm Saturday.

 The sun on the snow is brighter than expected.
Our version of a snow cat. Notice the short haired
(smart female) is inside staying warm.

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