Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happy snow day from our flocks to you

It is so bright outside that a lot of the pictures I took did not come out. I still need to learn this camera. I will take more in a bit.

 My chickens do not want to walk in the snow. 
Most got on the concrete block and flew to the EZup.
Or simply stayed in the barn.

There are no ram pictures as they will not venture out
into the snow. Maybe if Jerry put their hay outside only. ;)

Set up at Mascoma

Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas Craft Fair at Mascoma Valley Regional High School

This is a new to us show. We can not set up until 7 am, and the doors
open at 9 am. It will be a long day! I will have to feed the animals and
leave the farm at 6 am in order to get there for 7 am.
I've been told that there are a LOT of customers that come to this event.
We will be set up in a corner in the cafeteria somewhere.
My friend, Anne Mitts, will be in the cafeteria also. I won't
know where until I get there. I am hoping we are close enough
to spot each other's booths if we need to step away. 

Come by and say hi!

Our show at the Presbyterian Church in New London, NH to benefit LSVNA Hospice

This is the 14th year of this show. I believe I have 
only done it 3-4 times. This is at least the 2nd (3rd?)
time I've done it in this location.
It is nice that Jerry helps me set up on Friday 
night and take down on Saturday afternoon.
 This is how it got rearranged Saturday morning. ;)

 I've been busy knitting and felting.

 A lot of the hats were down this spring during our
trips to shearing jobs and this summer while sitting
at farmer's market. I can't just sit still.

Two (maybe 3) more shows and I will then post
what I have available for sale of the blogs and 
on the Face Book pages.
This was Friday night setup.
 The nice thing about setting up the night before
is that we can tweak it the next morning if needed.
The decision was made to hang the scarves.
I like to go vertical with displays as much as I 
can. I believe they are more visually pleasing.

I do thank all the customers who purchased from us
Saturday. We were able to buy 7 bags of grain.

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