Monday, December 18, 2017

Shoulder news

I don't believe I have Osteonecrosis of the humeral head , but pictured below is pretty much what I had done on the 11th.

The surgeon, Dr. Karen Boselli at Concord Orthopedics told me after surgery that it was worse than she had anticipated. She had planned to put a smaller piece of metal over the top of the humerus where the torn rotator cuff had torn the cartilage off the top of the humerus. She told Jerry she cut more of the cartilage off to smooth it out and then use the bigger cap. I will know more on Wednesday when I go back for a follow up.

All in all, my experience at Concord Hospital was very good, EXCEPT for one thing that will need to be addressed. I was supposed to come home Tuesday, BUT apparently my last dose of pain killer was at 9 pm on Monday. 7 am Tuesday the LNA was helping me out of bed to use the bathroom when the nerve block wore off. My face flushed, my temperature went up and my blood pressure tanked. 66/33. The medication that was needed to help get my pain under control could only be given to me in tiny increments as that could further lower my blood pressure. Half an hour to an hour later,  I decided I need to try this again. Nope. This time the blood pressure dropped to 55/33. I was just going to have to try the bed pan. :( Mind you, through all of this I stayed conscious and talking to the aide and the nurse.

Needless to say, I did not go home on Tuesday. I felt like a vegetable most of the day while they nurses did their best to get my pain under control. I had a hard time focusing on much and simply slept through most of the day.

Come Wednesday morning, I was back to normal. I walked the halls with an aide and a cane. I met with both PT and OT and it was determined that despite Tuesday, I was doing amazingly well. I was home Wednesday afternoon.

I tried to sleep in our bed the first night, but I got stuck trying to get out. For 6 weeks after surgery I have to wear a sling with a pillow 24/7. The only time it can come off is when I am doing my exercises (leaning forward with the arm dangling doing circles or swinging it back and forth) and when I take a shower. At this time I am as snug as a bug on the couch.

I showed PT and OT that I could get undressed and dressed without assistance. And, unlike I was let to believe, I can get completely dressed. Saturday night we went out to dinner with friends and Jerry helped me by hooking my bra. That was a major accomplishment! It is the little things that make my day!!

I've put 4 dozen eggs in a bag and walked them up the driveway to the egg fridge. (Something I've got to do as soon as I hit publish.) I've let my chickens out of their house every morning. The hardest part is opening the dog kennel door one handed. But, I have figured it out.

I am walking around the house unaided, but when I go out in the snow I do bring the cane. At this point I can't afford to fall and undo surgery.

So, one week down with the sling and 5 more to go...
Where the pillow is attache with Velcro to the sling was causing bruising on my inner arm and elbow. I found some sheep skin which I cut to size and placed inside the sling. BIG difference. My arm and elbow are very happy! A sheep skin is easy enough to find on a sheep farm.

Off to get off the couch and the computer and get the blood moving.


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