Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Little hen
 Little Roo

 Little hen and little Roo were hatched here on the farm naturally. They are 3 1/2 months old.
 Little hen is running from the camera. Little Roo is almost as big a the other hens.
 The girls impatiently waiting their turn.

 Oh! Yum!!
 Gracie sees one of the kittens, but doesn't know if it friend or foe.

 What are you looking at?

If you look in the background, you can see Jack Black slinking away from the sheep.

Jerry occasionally gets lettuce trimmings and bruised fruit from his work and feeds them out to our girls. Both the 4 legged and the 2 legged. The chickens love fruit! Apples, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe. But, grapes are their all time favorite! The sheep will eat everything but radishes, onions and anise.
Jerry had to sign a release stating that the animals would be eating everything that gets brought home and that none would be consumed by humans...


All the more reason to buy local!!!

A note from an absent blogger

I finally have a day off from work (working the next 2...) and I am going to try to get some of my yard cleaned up from hurricane chickens (it is amazing how many stones they have found under the 'lawn') and from my fleece skirting (another thing they have scattered far and wide) and from general 'stuff' that is around and not put away .

My spinning group will be here in 9 days, and I'd like the farm somewhat presentable.

I am also busy working on the downstairs when I have some body strength left from working. Short days (5 hours) are good, but the long days (8+ hours) are not good on a body with fibromyalgia and arthritis from the Lyme disease.

I will post pictures when I have some 'down time'. I do have a bunch that I've taken, and I need to take more. Especially of all of the fleeces that are for sale.

VT Sheep and Wool festival is in 37 days, and Wool Arts Tour is in 42 days. Yikes!! I need to be ready to go for those as well. 

Off I go to work while my hands let me. Oh, I also have at least Carpal Tunnel in BOTH hands! I will see the hand surgeon Monday to see if he can/will fix them. I definitely need my hands working on the farm and at the Post Office!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am hoping to vend here.

It is only 50 minutes from home and would be a sweet little festival to get involved with.

52 days to Wool Arts Tour

Jerry & Cindy Yeager
Ewe & I Farm

P.O. Box 155
N Sutton, NH 03260
Phone: 603-927-4518 |

Wool n’ Ewe yarn, roving & batts, * NEW * Woof n’ Ewe Yarn & batts – Raw & washed fleeces (wool, llama/alpaca) hand knit wearables for humans & dogs.

You will need to enlarge this...

45 days to VT Sheep & Wool festival

Overhang #1
Ewe & I Farm, (Jerry & Cindy Yeager),
PO Box 155, N. Sutton, NH
03260, (603) 927-4518,,
Wool n' Ewe yarn, roving, batts & socks,*NEW* Woof n' Ewe yarn, roving and batts, raw & washed fleeces, hand knitted garments & toys/dolls.

I need to get some dyeing done...!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Another afternoon at the farm

 The chickens with the naked butts may not be here much longer...

 Black sex link hen

 Earl(ine) Gray is hiding from the chicken.

 Another black sex link hen

 Looking up our driveway at the 2 cats.

 Tree ear mushrooms

 The chicken house/green house is coming along slowly. Too many hours working and lots of rainy days.

 The sun peeking out  from the rain clouds.

Anyone on Face Book?

You can follow the farm here. I also post from others items I find interesting.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Has anyone noticed?

Here in Merrimack County, NH, there seems to be a LOT of dead squirrels, porcupines and raccoons on the sides of the roads. Both back country roads and the highways. BUT, the ravens, crows and turkey vultures are not touching them. The only things recycling the bodies are bugs. What's up with that? Are they as infested with ticks as the moose, and the birds do not want to be infected themselves?
Inquiring minds want to know.

In the meantime, at 1 pm it is 93 degrees out and 80% humidity in the house. I've closed all the windows and turned on the fans. It seems the dehumidifier decided to quit... Time to go work in the basement/lower level and do some fleece inventory!

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