Thursday, August 23, 2012

A note from an absent blogger

I finally have a day off from work (working the next 2...) and I am going to try to get some of my yard cleaned up from hurricane chickens (it is amazing how many stones they have found under the 'lawn') and from my fleece skirting (another thing they have scattered far and wide) and from general 'stuff' that is around and not put away .

My spinning group will be here in 9 days, and I'd like the farm somewhat presentable.

I am also busy working on the downstairs when I have some body strength left from working. Short days (5 hours) are good, but the long days (8+ hours) are not good on a body with fibromyalgia and arthritis from the Lyme disease.

I will post pictures when I have some 'down time'. I do have a bunch that I've taken, and I need to take more. Especially of all of the fleeces that are for sale.

VT Sheep and Wool festival is in 37 days, and Wool Arts Tour is in 42 days. Yikes!! I need to be ready to go for those as well. 

Off I go to work while my hands let me. Oh, I also have at least Carpal Tunnel in BOTH hands! I will see the hand surgeon Monday to see if he can/will fix them. I definitely need my hands working on the farm and at the Post Office!

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