Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't forget to come visit us this Saturday, December 3rd, from 9-2 at the Wilmot Community Association building for the annual Holiday Craft Fair. We will be selling our hand knit wearables as well as our newest line, 36X48" felt pads. AnnieM Creations will be selling her jewelry and her hand knits alongside us again this year.

64 Village Road, Wilmot NH 03287

And next week anything unsold will either be posted on the fleece page or on my Etsy site.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Yes, the garage does exist

As the Jeep had to be worked on NOW...the last dozen or so fleeces went out behind the horse trailer.
Here is one of those fleeces being re-skirted. As you can see I don't take off much the 2nd time.

 The chickens are happy to see the garage open.
 Other than 4 fleeces waiting there turn for the washing machine, it is a fleece free zone.
Right after the car went in, it went up on the jacks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm to all!!

Jerry and I are celebrating Thanksgiving alone, but yet we are not alone. Our Lord and Savior is always here with us. We have our 28 sheep and Dolores & Lizzie (the visiting sheep), and 60 sheep to keep us company. And our 3 cats most likely won't be going outside as we still have 6" of snowball type snow on the ground. As it was, none of the chickens came out of the 2 barns yesterday. I don't anticipate them coming out today though.

I am so thankful for so much in our lives. Our farm is most thankful for all our customers this past year, and the rest of the year to come. Our animals food/hay is paid by our/their customers. Lambs and wool pay for hay, eggs pay for grain for the entire farm. So, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS!

I plan to spend some of my day playing in fleece. Other than spending it with hubby &/or daughter, this is my 'happy time'. I hope to get more pictures taken and posted on the fleece page.

Off to have breakfast, go take care of our animals, and another farm's animals and then come home to play.

We will see my daughter and her husband Saturday & Sunday for lamb kabobs and then turkey the next day. Then will leave full, as usual, with leftovers to be sure.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowed and sleeted in

It snowed snowball type snow, and now it is raining and sleeting. I plowed a bit of the driveway. Just enough for the neighbors to get in and out, the mail lady to deliver my mail and for any egg customers to get to the fridge. There are 9 dozen in the fridge and another 15 dozen in the cooler downstairs.

Taking the time to clean the guest bedroom, and finding some nice washed fleeces. I know at least 2 are Maggie's fleeces. She is my first Dorset/Romney cross. At 11 her fleece is still soft enough for baby things! Now that I can get to the Duncan Electric carding maching I will sample some of her fleece. I might offer some of it for sale, but I am not sure. It would go for $14/lb unwashed as it is a covered fleece....

And, I washed the natural colored Merino fleece yesterday. I am going to card some upstairs on the Duncan Electric, and I am going to spin some from the combs. We will see which I like better. Eventually it may go downstairs on the new carder.

Pygora fleeces were washed and dried this past couple of weeks. They are ready to go to Zeilinger's to be dehaired. When I have some money...

We have lots of yarn from both Green Mountain Spinnery (my Romneys) and from Friend's Folly Farm (Jacob) that needs to be skeined, washed and priced. Hopefully I can do that soon and get it all on the fleece blog, and maybe my Etsy shop,

We also have felted wool pads that need to be photographed and put on the blog. These pads are great for a number of purposes. My original use was in the recliner for that blank spot between your feet and the seat of the chair that gets cold in the winter. This keeps that area warm. You can also use it under your sheet between your shoulder and knees to keep your trunk warm in bed. The uses are endless. We are getting $50/sheet plus shipping. Any $100 order, or above, gets free shipping (up to 5#).

Back to cleaning and organizing and playing. TTFN.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter is on our doorstep

I am so happy my daughter is not coming home for Thanksgiving day. But, we will see her and Paul this weekend.

There is 1 active alert issued for Merrimack County
WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 6 PM EST WEDNESDAY UNTIL 12:00PM EST Urgent - Winter Weather Message National Weather Service Gray ME 357 AM EST Tue Nov 22 2011 Interior York-Coastal Cumberland-Merrimack-Belknap-Strafford- Including The Cities Of, Sanford, Berwick, Portland, South Portland, Westbrook, Concord, Hooksett, Laconia, Meredith, Rochester, Dover , Winter Storm Warning In Effect From Midnight Tonight To 6 Pm Est Wednesday, The National Weather Service In Gray Has Issued A Winter Storm Warning For Heavy Snow, Which Is In Effect From Midnight Tonight To 6 PM EST Wednesday. * Locations, Interior York County Maine, Coastal Cumberland County Maine, As Well As Merrimack, Belknap, And Strafford Counties In New Hampshire. * Hazard Types, Heavy Snow And Sleet. * Accumulations, 6 To 10 Inches Of Snow. * Timing, Snow Will Begin Falling Not Too Long After Midnight Tonight, And Become Heavy Very Quickly. The Heaviest Snowfall Is Expected Late Tonight And Wednesday Morning. It Will Taper Off And End Late Wednesday Afternoon. The Snow Will Likely Mix Or Change Over To Sleet. Some Rain May Mix In As Well. * Impacts, Heavy Snow And Sleet Will Cause Treacherous Travel Conditions Due To Slippery Roadways And Significantly Reduced Visibilities. * Winds, Northeast 10 To 15 Mph With Gusts Up To 25 Mph. * Temperatures, Mainly In The 20s Tonight, Then Rising Into The Lower To Mid 30s Wednesday. * Visibilities, One Quarter Mile Or Less At Times. Precautionary/Preparedness Actions, A Winter Storm Warning For Heavy Snow Means Severe Winter Weather Conditions Are Expected Or Occurring. Significant Amounts Of Snow Are Forecast That Will Make Travel Dangerous. Only Travel In An Emergency. If You Must Travel, Keep An Extra Flashlight, Food, And Water In Your Vehicle In Case Of An Emergency.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trying to find the garage

Our garage has been overtaken with fleece this year.
It has just been easier to stack it in the garage with the promise, "I'll get to it tomorrow..."
This week, when I've not been working has been tomorrow.
I need to get the garage emptied so that he can get the Jeep in...
 So, the skirting table and the lights are set up in order to be out of the weather.
Fleeces are being reskirted and sorted. Some will be sold, some will be processed here on the farm, and some will go out to be processed into batts, felt pads, or yarn. Some are simply being pitched...
 These fleeces are done.
 Done! Ready for sale. Boxes are full also.

 From the outside looking in.
 Just a couple of fleeces...

 From the inside looking out...
A navajo churro waiting its turn.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing Jack Black and Earl(ine) Gray

I am not enjoying Blogger these days. I download the pictures in order and they still get messed up...

Anyhow...we lost our Maxmillian to a critter, and since we
have so many mice and what not, we decided we needed a
couple of kittens. Psycho is 9 and not a mouser. She will
play with them, but not kill. So we got 2 'male' kittens. Earl is
actually Earline, but she doesn't know that. There have already
been 2 mice in the house, and she is going to be head mouser.
I think Jack will be an adorable lap cat. Someones got to do it.

Now that I am stuck, she thinks it is fun to beat on me...
I am falling and I get get up!!

Is anyone watching me?

(part 2 is below...) 
Help! I am stuck in the couch!!

Do we want to go out there?
See 9 yr old Psycho with the kittens?

I am going to get you chicken!

The kittens spend a lot of time in front of the sliding glass
door watching the chickens. Earl can't really be bothered, but
Jack likes to act big and tough. He pounces and then falls down.
If he were actually outside, the chicken would enjoy his tummy.

I am going to get you yarn!

Donna Herrick at This and That Farm

After we picked up the carder, we followed Donna Herrick to her farm.
She raises Cormo and Cormo/Romney sheep. Like us, she coats her sheep. And like us, she is switching over to the Rockey Mountain coats. (When we have extra money, we will order more...)
Below is a sampling of her fleeces. For more information about any particular fleece, or any other product she carries, contact her directly. Her website is above and her business card is at the bottom of this post. I do believe I am going to reserve a white Cormo for myself!

Only in VT would you see marble used to repair damage from Hurricane Irene.
Here in NH we use granite.

See the difference in the wool that coating sheep makes!

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