Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm to all!!

Jerry and I are celebrating Thanksgiving alone, but yet we are not alone. Our Lord and Savior is always here with us. We have our 28 sheep and Dolores & Lizzie (the visiting sheep), and 60 sheep to keep us company. And our 3 cats most likely won't be going outside as we still have 6" of snowball type snow on the ground. As it was, none of the chickens came out of the 2 barns yesterday. I don't anticipate them coming out today though.

I am so thankful for so much in our lives. Our farm is most thankful for all our customers this past year, and the rest of the year to come. Our animals food/hay is paid by our/their customers. Lambs and wool pay for hay, eggs pay for grain for the entire farm. So, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS!

I plan to spend some of my day playing in fleece. Other than spending it with hubby &/or daughter, this is my 'happy time'. I hope to get more pictures taken and posted on the fleece page.

Off to have breakfast, go take care of our animals, and another farm's animals and then come home to play.

We will see my daughter and her husband Saturday & Sunday for lamb kabobs and then turkey the next day. Then will leave full, as usual, with leftovers to be sure.


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