Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yesterday Jerry and I met up with Donna Herrick (more about her and her farm in the next post), to visit Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, NY to check out and purchase this machine. Of course, I had my camera with me, but I did not get any pictures of the mill, the carder at the mill or in the truck. Where it is 'resting' right now will not be photographed. So, I took the picture and description from their website and gave the address with it. I am so looking forward to 'playing' with this. I need to set up its permanent home before I can plug it in. In the meantime I am reskirting fleeces and lining them up for their turn in the carding machine. There is a gorgeous Border Leicester cross soaking right now.

Here's our beautiful 1950's-vintage 16" Davis and Furber card with custom roving coiler (see front left corner of photo). A hard worker, just like her big sister - only smaller. Perfect for processing the fleeces from individual sheep or alpacas. This allows our customers to brand and market the resulting yarn from each unique animal.    (Taken from

Here you can peruse the entire website of Battenkill Fibers.
This is a page I'll be visiting for a while. 

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