Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trying to find the garage

Our garage has been overtaken with fleece this year.
It has just been easier to stack it in the garage with the promise, "I'll get to it tomorrow..."
This week, when I've not been working has been tomorrow.
I need to get the garage emptied so that he can get the Jeep in...
 So, the skirting table and the lights are set up in order to be out of the weather.
Fleeces are being reskirted and sorted. Some will be sold, some will be processed here on the farm, and some will go out to be processed into batts, felt pads, or yarn. Some are simply being pitched...
 These fleeces are done.
 Done! Ready for sale. Boxes are full also.

 From the outside looking in.
 Just a couple of fleeces...

 From the inside looking out...
A navajo churro waiting its turn.

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judy said...

Looks like two full time jobs!

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