Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowed and sleeted in

It snowed snowball type snow, and now it is raining and sleeting. I plowed a bit of the driveway. Just enough for the neighbors to get in and out, the mail lady to deliver my mail and for any egg customers to get to the fridge. There are 9 dozen in the fridge and another 15 dozen in the cooler downstairs.

Taking the time to clean the guest bedroom, and finding some nice washed fleeces. I know at least 2 are Maggie's fleeces. She is my first Dorset/Romney cross. At 11 her fleece is still soft enough for baby things! Now that I can get to the Duncan Electric carding maching I will sample some of her fleece. I might offer some of it for sale, but I am not sure. It would go for $14/lb unwashed as it is a covered fleece....

And, I washed the natural colored Merino fleece yesterday. I am going to card some upstairs on the Duncan Electric, and I am going to spin some from the combs. We will see which I like better. Eventually it may go downstairs on the new carder.

Pygora fleeces were washed and dried this past couple of weeks. They are ready to go to Zeilinger's to be dehaired. When I have some money...

We have lots of yarn from both Green Mountain Spinnery (my Romneys) and from Friend's Folly Farm (Jacob) that needs to be skeined, washed and priced. Hopefully I can do that soon and get it all on the fleece blog, and maybe my Etsy shop,

We also have felted wool pads that need to be photographed and put on the blog. These pads are great for a number of purposes. My original use was in the recliner for that blank spot between your feet and the seat of the chair that gets cold in the winter. This keeps that area warm. You can also use it under your sheet between your shoulder and knees to keep your trunk warm in bed. The uses are endless. We are getting $50/sheet plus shipping. Any $100 order, or above, gets free shipping (up to 5#).

Back to cleaning and organizing and playing. TTFN.

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