Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bad news, good news?

Hubby had to put down Christopher our Horned Dorset ram this week. Not really sure what all was going on with him. But, at the end he had pneumonia and was pressing his head against the wall. We are thinking, despite all the sheep getting wormed with Cydectin, that he had either Barber Pole or Meningial worm which lowered his overall resistance. He had been laying around a LOT since fall, and his joints were starting to swell causing him pain. He is no longer in pain, but he will be missed! For some reason unknown to us he loved kids!!

I did not get the full time mail route that I expected to get. So, I will be back to being a sub (for now). But, now that I am not going to be working 6 days a week, I am going to request that the surgeon fix my shoulder. The shot he put in did not help in the least.

At least now I will have time to get the rest of the trim up inside the house, and finish the painting that needs to be done. And, I will be able to get to all of the fleeces and roving in the house and greenhouse! I hope to take the time to get everything photographed and posted on the wool blog to sell.

And, hopefully this spring the big garden will be up and growing. I hope to grow LOTS of tomatoes and peppers for making salsa! As well as the herbs involved. I was hoping to get a high tunnel, but without the job to pay for it....I will have to do some low tunnels.

And, I will finally have time to make soap and lotion! I contacted the farmer's market manager at the market I did for years before the job got in the way. Now I need to wait and see.

Time for dinner. Early to bed. Two more days of work this week and a North Easter's worth of snow to drive in tomorrow... They are calling for at least 6-12" depending on where you are. I think we have the 6" already here at 6 pm and it not supposed to stop for another 6 hours.

Have a great night all.


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