Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Copied and pasted! This is crazy. We are trying to live as simply as possible on our own farm and they are trying to take water away from us! For anyone reading this that lives in NH, please help us take action!!

This is a Red Alert for everyone. SB11 is part of the Water Sustainability Initiative started by Governor Lynch. It is part of SCI (Sustainable Communities Initiative) and is structured to take away your water rights. If you own a well, you will
soon not own it. If you collect rain water, you soon will not be allowed to and you will be fined or arrested if you do. This must be KILLED no mater what the cost. I have no idea how this got so far but you must call your Senators and State Reps and urge them to KILL this bill. Clearly, they are not paying attention. It is up to us to wake them up.

Jack Kimball

Writing is so easy with email. We used to do it the old way, call or write letters. Go to these sites and find your representative and blast out your wishes on this bill.
Fining with reference to rainwater happens in Oregon already.

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