Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hmm...what am I up to?

I was inspired at our latest Sugar River Spinner's meeting by a new dye book brought in by a fellow member. Hand Dyeing Yarn & Fleece by Gail Callahan. She dyed cones of yarn in her book and I just took it from their. She has you leaving the cone for a length of time, moving it to the next color and leaving it for a length of time, and so on. Then, you steam it.
I steamed each color into the cone in my oven on low. One color at a time. Then the 3rd color on the one cone, I did simmer on the stove top. I did rinse between each color. Right now they are semi-frozen on the front porch. Later today I will skein them up into 400 yard skein. Just right for socks, considering the 2 cones are my 70% wool/30% mohair sock yarn. And the other is a ball of my Green Mountain Spinnery spun DK wool. I had room left in the steamer and this was just sitting on my shelf left over from another project, so...

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