Sunday, March 24, 2013


I re-potted 70 tomatoes seedlings into 3" and 4" peat pots. Some of each of the following.

I then planted 14 Black Beauty Eggplant seeds.

And 30 Green Cabbage seeds.

And then I planted- LOTS of peppers! Yums Hybrid Mixed Mini Bells Sweet Pepper

When they are ready to be transplanted I will plant some of my herbs. I am hoping to sell some of this produce, but a lot will be canned or dehydrated for our own use. I am looking forward to salsa!

I will be trying all sorts of trellis ideas with and without the cattle panels. Will be planting in different gardens with different manures, and with different companion plants.

My other big plantings will be drying beans and quinoa. Two new things we have not grown before!!

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