Friday, October 24, 2008

Wet felting

I know I am late in posting and work just gets in the way!
September 18 at the Bradford Farmer's Market, we had 4 students from New England College came to learn to wet felt. They each wet felted wool to a 1/2 bar of Ivory soap and did a small hot pad/placemat/wall hanging. It was a little crisp, but what do you expect in New England on a fall afternoon? Their teacher and our market manager both got in on the fun too!!
15 students and 2 instructors came out to the farm October 15th. We were having way too much fun and I forgot to take out the camera! Sorry. )o: But they learned to wet felt over a small(ish) rock to make toothfairy pouches/treasure bags. Some also learned to wet felt a 1/2 bar of soap.
Hopefully this winter I will have time to do some of these myself for upcoming farmer's markets.
A comment and a response to the comment-
I use the Murphy's when teaching flat wet felting. I have yet to have anyone be allergic to it or its scent (including me!) A little goes a long way and it makes the fiber slippery quickly, making wet felting that much easier. You could use Ivory liquid soap, but I know too many people who can't handle the smell.

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Dori Ann said...

Looks like fun!! That's the next thing on my list. What is the Murphy's oil soap sitting on the table for? I didn't know you could use that

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