Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Matilda coats

Jerry & I are now dealers!! It only made sense that we would do this as we are so happy with the results that we get with our coats! We have coats in stock and will be ordering more (hopefully in time for the VT Sheep & Wool Festival).

Size / fabric Length Tag color Retail On hand
A 27.5" Blue $11.00 5
B 29.5" Green $12.00 5
C 33.5" Yellow $15.00 3
D 36" Red $ 16.00 8
E 40.5" Tan $18.00 12
F 45" Gray $20.00 0
G 47.5" Orange $22.00 0

With our Dorsets and Romneys, we start out with Yellow after shearing, Red in the summer, and Tan by fall through until the next shearing.
My Corriedale wether starts with Red and works his way up to Gray. He has worn Orange once.
My lambs get Blue as soon as they are big enough, and then work their way up the sizes as they grow.

If you would like to purchase coats from us, let me know the number, color and your zip code and I will get a total out to you. For those who would like more than we have in stock, I will get back to you as soon as I have the information for you.

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