Thursday, April 02, 2009

The last of the fleeces have been posted

For some reason Google has limited my picture storage. I use blogger to post fleeces and farm new because it is free. And now that Google has gotten involved, they want me to pay for extra picture storage on all of my blogs. So...anything before the beginning of 2008 has been deleted from the blogs. Some day if we ever get big enough, and trust me I am not in any hurry, we will pay for a true web site. But, in the meantime, I thank you all for reading our blogs and any purchase you have made, or will make.
Remember, all purchases go right back to the farm for grain & hay for the sheep, grass seed for their pastures, and hopefully this year to help pay for the property tax. Thank you ALL for your time!! And your interest in reading our blogs.

Off to enjoy the sunshine and skirt some uncoated fleeces!! These are destined for roving.

OH!! If you get a this website. It is very informative for any of us who spin. And she covers 3 of my breeds.

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